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20+ Funny Novelty Banana Gifts For Fruit Lovers In (August) 2023

If your loved one has a passion for bananas, you might want to look into buying some unique banana gifts. There are many different varieties of these tasty fruits, but you can’t go wrong with these gift ideas. For birthday or holiday ideas, consider a gift card to a specialty shop that sells them. Or, you could even buy them chocolate-covered bananas, which will be sure to delight any chocolate-loving friend. Let’s have a quick look at other fun banana-themed gift ideas to select the right one for your recipient.

Best Banana Gifts

1. Cute Banana Pocket Notebook Set

Cute Banana Pocket Notebook Set

The leather pocket notebook features a magnificent banana-themed design exterior and has high-quality papers inside it. It’s a perfect tool for any writer, student, or anyone looking to keep organized and productive. The notebook includes a pen and a sticker sheet.

2. Yellow Women’s Bicycle

Yellow Electric Bicycle

This is a simply awesome bike that’s great to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The bike’s upright riding position is also beneficial for women who have multiple health issues. Its mainframe is made of high-grade aluminum so very durable and built for long-lasting performance. And it’s also a fantastic gift for someone who always adores whatever is in yellow.

3. Banana Neon Signs Wall Art

Banana Neon Signs Wall Art

What a masterpiece banana lamp that will give you a fresh perspective on a traditional classic! The lights used in these lamps are made of durable plastic. In addition to providing the ambiance of a retro vibe, these light-up objects are also easy to install and can be placed anywhere.

4. Banana Holder

Banana Holder Gift

This stand is a practical gift idea to store and serve bananas by saving extra counter space at the same time. The durable sleek design, stain-resistant, and stand’s wide base allow you to place hand fruit in it as well. Also, it’s made to stand up to large bunches of fruit.

5. Organic Dried Banana Powder

Organic Dried Banana Powder

The organically prepared banana powder can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. It contains 5.5 cups of organic bananas, which is more than a dozen. You can order this product online and have it shipped to your loved ones as a surprise birthday or anniversary gift.

6. Banana Gift Card

Banana Gift Card

Send them this Whole Foods Market banana gift card and let them redeem it for any purchase at the stores within the United States and Canada. The cashback category bonus is also available for purchasing items at Whole-Food Markets. Another best part about using this gift card is that you can get some great discount offers for buying your favorite fruits and vegetables there.

7. Kid’s Banana Pillow Plush

Kid's Pillow Plush

A super-soft banana pillow is a great gift for your child. Crafted from soft rash-free fabrics. It feels so nice and will be perfect for your toddler’s bedroom. You can also choose to buy a couple for yourself! It’s a wonderful addition to decorate for different occasions.

8. Fruit Mochi Daifuku Banana

Fruit Mochi Daifuku

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for banana lovers, look no further than these banana treats. Traditionally made from glutinous rice, these soft, spongy cakes are delicious. Available in 200-gram packets, they are an excellent treat for any occasion.

9. Inflatable Ride-On Banana Float

Inflatable Ride-On Float

This huge banana float is manufactured from durable vinyl material. Hassle-free inflates and deflate. It has handles for a secure grip and comes with a repair kit to prolong its life. A fun gift idea for kids who wanna enjoy some pool time.

10. Banana Fanny Pack

Banana Fanny Pack

It’s a stylish fanny pack that’s a perfect accessory for the season. The adjustable strap makes it comfortable to wear around the waist, over the shoulder, or crossbody. Each fanny pack is topped with a koozie and includes a link to more gear.

11. Chewy Banana Bites

Chewy Fruit Bites

Give the gift of healthy living to a special friend or family member these organic juicy chewy banana bites. This delicious organic snack is made with only real, raw bananas. Each one is baked to perfection and then dusted with a little banana powder for a tasty treat. They will love the fresh taste of a real banana.

12. Banana USB Flash Drive

Banana USB Flash Drive Gift

Incredible USB data storage device with an adorable banana design. It has an immense 64GB capacity, which is equivalent to about 12, 50,000 text pages, 250 thousand jpeg photos. It’s cheap but a useful digital media device for friends and family who don’t have much space.

13. Retro Banana Shades

Retro Banana Shades

You’ll find these patterned yellow shades a fun way to show your personality. They can be worn in a multitude of ways, and they can be given as gifts or used as decorations. Nicely come in a pack of 10 pieces.

14. Banana Phone Stand

Phone Stand

A gift that works as a novelty is the banana-shaped phone holder. This fun and functional gadget allows you to hold your smartphone in a variety of positions without worrying about it sliding off. You can also put it in your workspace to add more flair to your workspace. Aside from that, this item is incredibly useful and convenient when you need it most.

15. Canvas Striped Banana Tote Bag

Canvas Striped Banana Tote Bag

Give your gift recipient a personalized canvas banana tote bag in her favorite color “Yellow”! It’s made from durable, water-repellent material and is large enough to hold all her beach essentials, including a beach towel! And with its unique style, you’ll feel good about the environment.

16. Banana Charm Keychain

Banana Charm Keychain Gift

This keychain is a beautiful stocking stuffer and functional accessory crafted from allergy-free stainless steel. Its design combines a vibrant banana charm with a lovely engraved statement “You’re The Best Nana” making it a wonderful heartwarming gift for your grandparents.

17. Hooded Banana Throw Blanket

Hooded Banana Throw Blanket

A hooded fleece blanket is an ideal gift choice for those who love bananas. This cuddly blanket is backed with soft, breathable fabric for optimal warmth and comfort. It also features metallic threads that give the throw a touch of cosmic shimmer.

18. Chocolate Flavored Banana Pop Kit

Chocolate Pop Kit

Wish them a happy birthday who enjoy eating banana flavored chocolates. These are delicious treats and will leave your recipient wanting more. The kit includes eight sticks and 4 ounces of chocolate-flavored dip. To make your banana pops, just dip them in the chocolate and then chill them before serving them. They’re perfect for late-night snacks.

19. Banana Print Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

If you’re looking for a cheap and decent personalized gift for a banana-loving friend, consider giving this fashionable casual wear bucket hat. Its funky design and adjustable band make it a great choice for any occasion. A combination of premium cotton and polyester materials is used in its fabrication for ultimate breathability and comfort.

20. Banana Tape Dispenser

Banana Tape Dispenser

You may have heard of this funny clapping monkey tape dispenser, which you can purchase online. This gift will add a little fun to the process of wrapping presents. While you are pulling the tape, it makes a clapping sound and bangs cymbals, making it a fun way to make wrapping a present more challenging.

21. Banana Earrings

Banana Earrings

These banana earrings are made of sustainable hypoallergenic surgical steel studs and are packaged in a cute cotton bag. They are a fun and romantic gift for your best friend or wife.

22. Bananas Cosmetic Storage Bag

Bananas Cosmetic Storage Bag

When choosing a cosmetic storage bag for your next gift-giving occasion, you can’t go wrong with a “Let’s Go Bananas” bag. This handy and stylish pouch features a fun design that will be a hit with all your friends.

More Cool Gift Ideas For Banana Fans