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5 Cool Curling Gifts In 2021 | Top Curling Gift Ideas

Curling is a kind of fun sport like ice hockey in which players drag a stone on the ice to do a goal against the opponent. If you have loved ones who are enthusiast curling fans, surprise them by gifting something unique and cool curling gifts on the birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other special day of their life. Have a look at this precise list of curling gift ideas to pick one for them.

Top Curling Gifts

Best Curling Gifts

1. Curling Game Set

Curling Game

It provides an excellent opportunity to perform an indoor recreational activity with family and loved ones who are obsessed with board games especially curling. Primarily crafted using high-quality plastic material so despite being lightweight, it’s pretty durable and easy to move around. The set includes 4 orange, 4 blue stones, and a curling mat.

2. Curling Shoe

Curling Shoe

These shoes are particularly designed for professional curlers. A thin napa leather is used in the overall construction that makes it extremely soft and comfortable to wear. The unique ventilated design helps keep the feet dry and waterproof.

3. Curling Gloves


Wearing a proper pair of gloves really matter in regards to a player’s good performance in a curling game. Grab these gloves as a gift and stun those curlers who have been struggling in having a firm grip over the curling broom.

4. Curling Mini Rollers Replacement Set

Curling Mini Rollers Replacement Set

This roller set is another great idea that you can gift somebody who is into curling fever. A combination of heavy steel bearings and an outer plastic layer makes a great compact end product. It’s unbreakable and skids smoothly on the playing surface. Comprising of 4 red and 4 blue rollers.

5. Curling Stones Socks


Cheap yet a fun personalized socks gift for curling players and avid fans. Made of a blend of cotton/polyester/spandex materials so quite breathable and stretchable. Features a reinforced heel & toe construction. Safe to machine and hand wash.

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