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15 Cute Penguin Gifts, Toys, And, Merchandise For Fans In 2023

Penguins are human-friendly birds who can’t fly but look really cute when they run alongside the beaches. If you got a friend or loved one who is an enthusiast penguin lover, you can’t go wrong with these penguin gifts. Whether it’s their birthday or participating in an event where they are gonna play a penguin cosplay role, these are suitable to present on any occasion.

Best Penguin Gifts

Best Penguin Gifts

1. Emperor Penguin With Baby

Emperor Penguin With Baby

What an adorable penguin mama along with her baby. Extremely soft and fuzzy. It’s 12 inches tall so looks like a real one. If you have a son or daughter who is obsessed with penguins, you can surprise them with this beautiful birthday present.

2. Penguins Men’s Shoe

Penguins Men Sneakers

Classic fashion sneakers featuring a unique penguin-themed texture. Made of PU leather. They incorporate synthetic sole for an ultimate cushion and breathability. Available in various sizes and color variations.

3. Penguin Egg Holder

Penguin Egg Holder

Boiling eggs has never been easy especially when these to take out of hot water. This unique penguin egg holder makes boiling eggs hassle-free. 6 eggs can be served at a time. Just put the eggs into penguin tummies and then into the boiling kettle. Done eggs boiling?  Now take out these safely without burning your hands.

4. Penguin Fabric Softener Balls

Fabric Softener Balls

Keep your laundry soft and odor-free with these unique fabric softener balls. Constructed using premium fabric and never used that cheap quality plastic or fiber material. Every penguin lover will be happy to have such a unique and thoughtful gift.

5. Penguin Popper Toy

Penguin Popper Toy

Cute funny penguin popper toy that your kid will love to play with indoor and outdoor. Squeeze the popper in order to release a soft foam ball up to 22 feet away! The set includes 1 popper and 6 foam balls. Suitable for children age 3+.

6. Penguin Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

This penguin lunch bag is a good way to encourage kids to take lunch with them to school happily. It has two separate compartments one for a lunch box and the other for a water bottle. Also, it has a long adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

7. Penguin Anime Cosplay Costume

Penguin Anime Cosplay

Hilarious costume to represent yourself being a penguin fan as well as to play a cosplay role in the school, birthday, or any other fun event. Made of soft fabric material so makes you feel warm and comfortable. Available in a couple of size variations.

8. Personalized Penguin Pebble

Personalized Penguin Pebble

Still in the struggle to decide what should you gift to a penguin lover in your life? Go ahead and buy this simply elegant pebble keepsake that’s featuring a beautiful engraved penguin couple on it. Regardless of gender and age, everyone will find this present awesome.

9. Penguin Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls

A superb set of six penguin nesting hollow dolls. Each one has unique facts about the habitat and history of penguins so great for kids’ educational purposes and keeping personal secret stuff inside.

10. Penguin Family Necklace

Penguin Family Necklace

If you have a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, or mama whose favorite animal is a penguin, give this magnificent gold plated penguin-themed necklace gift on their birthday or any other special day.

11. Penguin Tea Steeper

Penguin Tea Steeper


Prepare your tea with this very useful Penguin tea steeper. His beak itself lifts the teabag out of the cup once the preset time’s up. Adjust the time for 3-4 minutes for green teas, and set time as you prefer for black and herbal teas. You don’t need to worry about not hearing the timer ring, because it automatically pulls the bag out of tea preventing over steeping.

12. Penguins Pattern Rolling Pin

Penguins Pattern Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is ideal to make penguin patterned sweet and delicious biscuits/cookies at home. It’s measured by 15.8″ inches with handles. They send it along with 3 bonus recipes. No doubt the best house warming, mother’s day, or wedding anniversary gift for couples.

13. Penguin Charm Keychain

Penguin Charm Keychain

Cheap yet an astonishing penguin keychain gift that’s featuring a crystal rhinestone design. It has a key ring and clasp for holding keys, knife, backpack, and so on.

14. Penguin Mug Gift

Penguin Mug Gift

We love this fabulous mug that’s featuring an elegant design and fully satisfied with the line that’s hardly visible and doesn’t seem to be a crack. So don’t hesitate to buy one for yourself or those who adore penguins.

15. Women’s 3D Penguin Socks

Women 3D Penguin Socks

These comic socks having a funny penguin design pattern. Whether wear these with joggers, sneakers, or any casual shoe, whoever gonna see, will love them. Made using a blend of different materials i.e cotton/polyester/spandex to achieve maximum durability and breathability.