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22 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy And Girl In 2023

Are you looking for some thoughtful gift ideas for your 1-year-old toddlers on their first birthday or just a toy for casual day play? In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the most amazing toys and gifts for 1-year-old boys and girls. So make sure to check out each and every option carefully in order to pick at least one of your favorite on the list.

Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy

Top Gifts For 1-Year-Old Toddlers

1. Big Building Bag

Big Building Bag Gift For 1 Year Old Boy

These building blocks are excellent for your kid to play with. There are 75plus colorful blocks that help your little boy to build different shapes and creatures. They come in a big zipper plastic bag that has beautiful graphics on the exterior.

2. Baby Girl Socks

Baby Girl Socks Gift Age Under 1 Year

These slip-resistant socks are made of premium quality fabrics so very comfortable and soft to touch. Ideal in the hot summer season for girls age 1-2. They come in a bundle pack of 6 pairs and each socks pair has a nice looking design and color combination.

3. Baby Guitar Toy

Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy For 1 Year Baby

It’s a fun toy for kids age 1 that sounds 10 melodious tones. It starts playing music by pressing buttons or rattler.

4. Water Sprinkle Play Mat for Kids

Sprinkle Splash Play Mat For Children

Let your toddlers have some fun in the water. This sprinkler easily attaches to any hosepipe and sprays water all around. A perfect chill platform in the summer for kids ages 1-3.

5. Animal Sounds Preschool Toy

Animal Sounds Hayride Preschool Toy For Boys Age One

An awesome tractor toy that has 4 trollies with animals (horse, pig, cow, and sheep) on each trolley. It plays funny animal sounds by pressing the farmer’s head.

6. Baby Girls Outfit Set

Baby Floral Outfit Set For Girls

Its floral design makes the outfit amazing so a perfect present for a girl on her first birthday. It does not tear off on kids crawling. Sizes available for girls 6 months-2year.

7. Cloth Book For Baby Boy

Cloth Book For Baby Boy 1 Year Old

Each page of this toddler book has unique and attention-grabbing stories and objects to explore like awesome animal pictures, mirrors,  touch & feel characters, and more. A perfect gift for babies aged 6 months – 1 year.

8. 4 Wheels Baby Toy Walker

4 Wheels Toy Walker For Boy And Girls

This mini-cycle helps kids to learn fast how to walk and maintain the balance of the body while cycling. It comes without paddles so toddlers have to push it front and back. It’s super lightweight but more sturdy and durable. Ideal for kids aged 9 months to 2-year.

9. Pull And Learn Car Carrier

Pull And Learn Car Carrier Gift For 1 Year Boy

Your kid is gonna love this toy van loaded with other small cars and animal toys. It will teach your baby to recognize different things super fast.

10. Ball Drop Toy For 1-Year-Old Kids

Kids Educational Ball Drop Toy

It’s a fantastic toy for kids to build a marble-run tower using their own minds. It comes in a set of two ball-drop towers with a maximum of 5 layers (sections) of each tower. Suitable for babies 6 months to 3 years old kid.

11. Pounding Bench Wooden Toy

Pounding Bench Wooden Toy For Kids Under 1

The wooden made toy comes with fixed pegs and a mallet. Your cute boy will love hammering those pegs with the mallet and learn color names and motor skills in a fun way.

12. Wooden Animal Puzzles

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

All these puzzle boards are crafted with good quality wood and BPA-free plastic that is coated with non-toxic paints. Each puzzle board is featuring a cute animal character on it. They come in a pack of 4 units so really helpful for your toddler to solve puzzles and improve concentration abilities while playing at the same time.

13. Night Light Globe

Night Light Globe For Kids Under Age 1

An awesome night lamp for kids that lights up the roof with stars and moon. It helps children to get asleep soon while engaging them in counting and looking at those beautiful shining stars. The lamp comes with a timer so you can set the timing for auto-turn off.

14. Happy Activity Cube Toy

Educational Wooden Bead Maze Shape Sorter For Kids

It’s perfect for boys age 1 to learn and experience different fun activities with this 5 in 1 wooden bead shape sorter. All the components of the toy are safe and nontoxic.

15. Tent For Toddlers

Playhouse For Kids

It’s a nice playhouse for kids to get busy and spend a good time. They are going to play hide & seek, sleep inside, decorate it with other toys, and a lot more to do with this tent. This is lightweight, easy to assemble, and turn down so easily adjustable at any place.

16. Dancing Penguin Toy

Dancing Penguin Toy For Boy Age 1


This multicolor penguin toy looks wonderful and is made for kids and toddlers heading towards their first birthday. It features three different modes to entertain your boy and changes its direction automatically if hits any object.

17. Drum Toy For 1-Year-Old

Drum Toy For Under 1 Year Toddlers

Your toddler is gonna enjoy beating this drum toy. It has three different modes of playing numbers, colors, and drums. Also, it features beautiful glowing lights that are backed by rechargeable batteries.

18. Magnet Building Tiles

Magnet Building Blocks & Tiles For Kids Age One

These building blocks and tiles allow your kids to sort them into different unique patterns and shapes. There are also two simple vans ready to get remodeled. A thoughtful toy gift for toddlers to learn something creative and to build a strong foundation from the very early stage of their lives.

19. Dog Plush Toy

Spunky Dog Plush Toy For 1 Year Old Toddler

This 8-inch Tommy toy is made of polyester so soft to touch. The dog produces a barking sound upon pressing the button. Nice stuff toy for toddlers 6 months – 18 months.

20. Rainbow Tea Set For Girls

Musical Rainbow Tea Set For Girls

A fun tea set gift for little girls on their first birthday. It consists of 10 pieces and 6 changeable lights that look fantastic in a dark time. Also, there are 45 plus built-in phrases in the form of sound for quick learning.

21. Nesting Eggs For Kids

Nesting Eggs For Kids Age Under 1 Year

Funny eggs toys for 1-year-old toddlers. Come in a pack of 4 units and each of them is featuring a nice cartoon character on the exterior.

22. First Birthday Outfit

First Birthday Outfit For Boy Under Age One

This t-shirt is a treat for the boy on his first birthday. It is made of 100% soft good quality cotton material so your kid will feel comfortable in it.