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31 Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy In 2023 | The Best Toys & Treats!

Kids love to receive toys, especially on their birthday so we are going to show you the best 31 gifts for 2 year old boy that will make your child really feel happy. The list covers most of the unique and thoughtful items that you may never see before. Also, have a look at the best gifts for 1-year-old boys and girls.

Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

1. Drill Toolbox Set ($20)

Drill Toolbox Gift For Boys Age 2

Don’t disturb me mom, I am fixing my some broken stuff. This dummy toolbox kit is fantastic because it includes a variety of tools such as a drill, wrench, screwdriver, nails, bolts, and more.

2. Doodle Board With Touch Lights ($25)

Touch Lights Doodle Board Gift For 2 Year Old Boy

Your toddler is gonna love this toy because of its beautiful lights and melodious sounds.

3. Kids Bowling Play Set ($24)

Kids Bowling Play Gift Set For 1 Year Old Boy

Set includes 10 pins and 2 balls. Suitable for 2 year old boys.

4. Birthday T-shirt Gift ($15)

Birthday T-shirt Gift For Boys Aged 2

The best gift on 2nd birthday of your lovely boy. It is featuring a funny “Two Handsome” phrase with an arrow sign.

5. Harley-Davidson Kids Bike ($39)

Harley-Davidson Kids Bike For 1 Year Old

Gift for 2 year old boy who has everything but still missing a bike.

6. T-Ball Gift Set For 2 Year Old Boys ($20)

T-Ball Gift For A 1 Year Old Boy

Hang on the wall this T-Ball stand for easy access in order to allow your boy to improve his batting skills and temperament from the very early stage of life.

7. Kids Basketball Set ($30)

Kids Volleyball Gift Set For 1 Year Old Boy

Fun platform for a 2 year old kid to enjoy 2in1 soccer and basketball at home. There is a nice LED scoreboard that makes it more charming. One soccer ball and a basketball comes with the basketball hoop.

8. Toddlers Socks ($13)

Toddlers Socks For 2 Year Old Boys

Set of 6 pairs of fun and stylish socks for the baby boys age 2-3. Made of premium quality material for an ultimate comfort for your kid.

9. Drawing Mat for Kids Age 2 ($20)

Drawing Mat for Boys Age 2 And Above

Colorful drawing mat that attracts to the kids more. It is foldable so ideal during travel. Comes with multiple tools to keep your boy busy and help learn him toy things in a fun way.

10. Night Light For Toddlers ($18)

Night Light Gift For Toddlers

This lamp fills up the roof with moon and stars that helps a kid have sweet dreams at night.

11. Toddlers Car Ramp Racer Parking ($20)

Car Ramp Racer Gift For 1 Year Old Boys

Let your kid park his car himself in a vertical parking lot. Made of safe to play wood and BPA free plastic. Ideal gift for boys age 2 and above.

12. Radio Control Car Toy ($16)

Radio Control Car Toy For One Year Old Boys

Easy to drive and controlled by a remote, this car is going to be your kid’s favorite in his toy’s collection.

13. Building Blocks Bag ($15)

Building Blocks Bag For 2 Year Old Toddler

Pack of 80 multicolor building blocks to make your little boy creating thinker and build some random funny shapes.

14. Play Tent for Boys ($34)

Play Tent for Boys Age 2

Play hide and seek with your toddler or he will love igniting the light inside this amazing rocket ship tent.

15. Jungle Friends Talking Plushie Set ($19)

Jungle Friends Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

All the toys included in the set are of very soft nature and each of them produces unique funny sounds to turn an angry boy into happy mood. Packed in an awesome convenient to carry basket having nice looking jungle graphics on the exterior.

16. Backpack Gift For 2 Year Old Boys ($23)

Backpack Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

Really wonderful and sturdy toddlers backpack featuring a stunning dinosaur theme design.

17. Kids Robot Toy ($15)

Kids Robot Toy Gift On 2nd Birthday

Let your child have conversation with this funny talking robot when you are busy in doing some home’s stuff. Available in three colors red, green, and blue.

18. Jigsaw Puzzles for Boys ($24)

Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts For Toddlers

The best brain building puzzles for 2 year old boys. Featuring amazing colorful puzzle objects.

19. Waterproof Kids Watch ($8)

Watch Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

You can seen in the picture how adorable this watch is so a great present on your boy’s second birthday.

20. Children’s Bouncy Hopping Toy ($30)

Boys Bouncy Hopping Toy  Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

Beautiful hopping horse gift on 2nd birthday of your boy. Crafted with durable material and more stable on feet.

21. Color Learning Toy ($10)

Color Learning Book For 2 Year Old Boy

This book has different colorful characters to teach your toddler color names in a fay way.

22. Kids Ball Pit Tent ($57)

Kids Ball Pit Tent Gift For 2 Year Old

Your kid is gonna love this playhouse that comes with 5 pit tents and hundreds of colorful soft balls. Ideal to play basketball, hide and seek, and other fun games.

23. Boy’s Vintage Driver Cap ($24)

Boy Vintage Driver Cap Birthday Gift

The hat is really adorable that is made of durable soft lining material. Kid looks nostalgic wearing this cap.

24. Color Recognition Geometric Board ($15)

2 Year Old Boy Color Recognition Geometric Board

Toddlers are gonna love puzzling with these blocks creating different shapes. Also, helpful in learning colors fast. Wooden made for safe playing.

25. Children’s Table And Chair Set ($45)

Boys Table And Chair Set Gift

Set of two beautiful chairs and a table along with a bunch of building blocks gonna keep your boy busy all day long. One of the best gifts for 2 year old boy.

26. Foam Pogo Jumper ($15)

Foam Pogo Jumper Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

This fun jumper is not too much bouncy so easy to use and safe for kids.

27. Dinosaur Set Birthday Gift ($23)

Dinosaur Set 2 Year Boy Birthday Gift

A dinosaur book, pretty hat, and dinosaur plush toy is gonna make your kid’s birthday fantastic.

28. Delta Children Chair Desk ($35)

Kids Chair Desk Set Gift For Boys Age 2

Perfect delta chair desk with a storage box for kids preschooling at home having attention seeking graphics.

29. Ice Cream Cart Toy ($32)

Ice Cream Cart Toy For 2 Year Boy

A set of excellent dummy ice cream cart, cons and toppings for birthday boys.

30. RC Car For Boys ($21)

RC Car Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy

Every kid loves toy car so why not get him this hilarious remote control racing car.

31. Boys Egg Toys ($16)

2 Year Old Boys Eggs Toys

Join those aparted eggs of similar colors. These are gonna improve hand dexterity, color recognition and motor skills of your child.