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18 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys In (August) 2023 | Toys & Extras!

Whether you are looking for gifts for your boy’s 3rd birthday, first day at school, or any other special event, we have covered you with some of the best and unique gifts for 3 year old boys that will make them really happy and super excited to receive.

Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

Top Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

1. Smart Watch With Puzzle Games

Smart Watch With Puzzle Games

Excellent birthday gift for the boy who just turned to 3 years old. This smartwatch has many features besides time and date like puzzle games, calendars, timers, and an HD camera for capturing some good moments with friends and siblings.

2. Boy Trike Bicycle

Boy Trike Bicycle

Once upon a time when we all used to own a mini bicycle in our childhood. It is an automatic choice for all kids so this elegantly designed compact trike cycle will make him super excited to have his first ride.

3. iLearn Golf Toys Set

iLearn Golf Toys Set

The whole golf set is well made and perfect for little boys to develop their interest and excitement about the sport of golf from the very young age of 3.

4. Outdoor Exploration Kit

Outdoor Exploration Kit

A wonderful adventure set to let your kids enjoy the outdoor activities, indoor at home. All the items included in the set are of good quality and packed in a beautiful tote bag so it becomes easy to carry with you while going for a picnic or camping out.

5. Dinosaur Toys For Boys

Dinosaur Toys For Boys

The very age-appropriate toy set for 3 year old kids. 12 different dinosaur figurine toys included in the set and a colorful Jurassic World book to recognize each dinosaur with a sound that’s a great idea to learn and play at the same time.

6. Workshop Tool Kit Toys

Workshop Tool Kit Toys

One of the best STEM learning toys to make your boy creative thinker and teach him fixing the little things while playing. There are 68 different plastic tools including an adjustable crescent wrench, blade screwdriver, drill with socket and a lot more.

7. Piano Music Mat

Piano Music Mat

Fun foldable piano mat to make your boy’s mood happy. It is made of non-toxic anti-skid fabric material. Ideal to improve the hand and feet coordination at this minor age. It is measured by 43.3” x 14.2”.

8. Kids Work Bench Set

Kids Work Bench Set - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

Get your little boy this multipurpose mini wooden workbench to play with and learn something new every time.

9. 3 Year Old Toddler T-Shirt

3 Year Old Toddler T-Shirt

This super cute t-shirt is a perfect present on the boy’s 3rd birthday. It is purely made of 100% cotton material so very soft and comfortable to wear. Available in four colors black, red, blue, and grey.

10. Digital Camera Toy For Boys

Digital Camera Toy For Boys

A beautiful camera for toddlers to learn photography skills and to inspire friends capturing some amazing random shots. It comes with quite a handful of filters that they will love to apply on their photos.

11. Planet Design Tent Playhouse

Planet Design Tent Playhouse - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

The overall colorful texture and rocket design give this tent an awesome look. Perfectly made both inside and outside. The best idea to keep your boy busy for hours when you are working.

12. Kids Running Shoes

Kids Running Shoes

Getting a pair of shoes to your 3 year old boy is a decent gift choice rather than other cheaply made irrelevant stuff. This casual wear running shoe is incredibly made and definitely worth the money. There are a bunch of colors to choose from as per your boy’s favorite one.

13. Smart Robot Toy

13 Smart Robot Toy - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

Your boy is gonna be thrilled to receive this amazing advanced robot toy as a birthday present. It has the ability to sing, dance, and speak like humans.

14. Kids Soccer Ball Set

14 Kids Soccer Ball Set - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

The most addictive toy for indoor play hovering it here and there without getting bored for hours. It glides pretty nicely and does not damage the floor even on the hard kick. Ideal to burn off some energy for having a balanced diet.

15. Garbage Truck Toy

Garbage Truck Toy - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

This dummy truck is well designed and made that looks like an original garbage truck. It is backed by batteries so the lights and sound work upon starting on that fascinate the kids to play with it for hours.

16. Dinosaur Backpack For Boys

Dinosaur Backpack - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

This elegant dinosaur zipper backpack can play a good role to develop your boy’s interest to go to school happily. It is wide enough to carry all the books and stationery items comfortably. Its durable straps reduce the burden on the shoulders to some extent.

17. Toddler Boy Grips Sock

Toddler Boy Grips Socks - Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

The set 12 pairs of soft and nicely designed socks allow your toddler to pick the favorite one to throw on his feet each time.

18. Stories For 3 Year Olds

Stories For 3 Year Olds

Tell your boy each day a new story from the collection of 10 interesting and unheard stories. Overall the book has an elegant design filling every page with pictures to develop your boy’s interest in reading the books.