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27 Best Gifts For Book Lovers And Avid Readers In (August) 2023

Reading books is a great source of acquiring knowledge. Also, a true companion to cut down the time especially when you are traveling or at times when you have nothing to do. Well, If you have geek friends and family members who love reading books, get them some unique and most amazing stuff on their special day “birthday, graduation” that they never thought of ever before. We have compiled a list of the best gifts for book lovers such as history books, novels, and other amazing stuff that belongs to them. Also, check out the gift ideas for the writers.

gifts for book lovers

Unique Gifts For Book Lovers

1. Kindle Paperwhite ($150)

Kindle Paperwhite GiftSince technology has evolved, the way of reading books has also changed “physical paper books to digital form” This kindle paperwhite device is an ideal example of reading books digitally. It allows you to access millions of books and literature online. You will have a glare-free view even under the sunlight. Its updated version is waterproof so use it confidently at the beach/swimming pool.

2. Unisex Novelty Fun Socks ($9)

Unisex Novelty Fun Socks Gifts For Readers

As you can see under the socks, there is a funny phrase “SHHHHH, I’m Reading” that makes it a perfect present for the readers with a good sense of humor. Despite being cheaper, the manufacturer does not compromise on the quality. Made of premium cotton material so soft to touch and moisture-wicking. The bottom has a cushioning feel and a non-slip design. Due to flexibility, one size fits all.

3. Folding Book Lamp ($28)

Folding Book Lamp

This is one of our personal favorite gifts that we would love to give to our lovely geek readers. Open the book and lighten your surroundings. It features a magnetic cover so you can place it as it is in the picture or fold it in 360 degrees. Backed by a builtin easy USB rechargeable battery that takes 2-4 hours to fully recharge and can keep the lamp on for 6-8 hours.

4. Book Page Holder ($14)

Book Page Holder Gift For Book Lovers

Special handmade 100% natural walnut crafted bookmark gift for avid readers. A helpful tool to hold your desired page that you are reading so hands are free to have a cup of tea/coffee to read conveniently in order to feel the true essence of reading. There are three sizes available in this craftsmanship “small, medium, and large”.

5. Pillow Case Cushion Cover ($9)

Pillow Case Cushion Cover Gift For Book Lovers

The motivational quote “just one more chapter” printed on the cushion cover relates to the students who are preparing for exams. When they feel just tired and near to give up, it may motivate them to get done for the best preparation. The material used is a mixture of cotton and linen so it is pretty soft and machine washable. It has the dimensions of “45cm x 45cm” and features a zipper for easy open/close.

6. Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks ($85)

Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

An amazing set of foil editions of the core rules books with great printing and graphics. They will also love this eye-catching book set who are passionate “Dungeons & Dragons” gamers besides just being good readers.

7. Canvas Book Tote ($24)

Canvas Book Tote Gift For Readers

Great tote bag with a lot of multicolored stack of books having different fun titles on each. Canvas fabric is used in its construction to achieve more durability for long-run use. It also has pockets to store your mini loose items. The tote is 14 inches tall and 13.5 inches wide. No matter either you use it to hold your books or for grocery purposes, you would love it. Available in 5 different designs.

8. Bookshelf Black Infinity Scarf ($21)

Bookshelf Black Infinity Scarf Gift For Book Readers

This scarf is a precious gift for your beloved book lover. Its bookshelf texture looks just amazing around the neck on any outfit. Compatible with both men and women. It has a length of 85 cm and 30 cm in width.

9. Library Pendant Necklace ($10)

Library and Books Pendant Necklace Gift For Readers

This pendant has a vintage design with a beautiful library and book texture on the front. Made with the intention of books reading enthusiasts. The material used in the pendant base is zinc alloy with a gold-plated finish while the front cover consists of crystal clear glass. You have the option to choose the size of the necklace chain.

10. Book Journal/Organizer ($13)

Book Journal Gift

There you have another great gift “book journal” that most regular readers want to have. This journal features a nice sleek design and comes with a lot of space to maintain the record of the books you already read. Also, it includes a specimen of pages to list down the books you took from the library, lent to others, etc.

11. Books Ornament Decoration Piece ($9)

Books Ornament Decoration Piece

If you are looking for some budget-friendly gift for book geeks, this gorgeous tiny nerd holding book ornament decorations piece is a wise gift choice. Completely handmade so gives a more realistic look. It is 3 inches in height.

12. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas ($16)

50 States, 5,000 Ideas Gift For Book Lovers

An ultimate book in which lots of travelers have shared their real-time travel experiences of all 50 states of the United States. From very famous to the unconscious, there is a lot to discover you might never hear of ever before. Simply this guidebook is the best value for the money if you have plans to travel in the near future.

13. Funny Nerd Hoodie Shirt For Girls ($13)

Funny Nerd Hoodie Shirt Gift

This hoodie shirt has a funny print “Book Nerd” on the front so going to be a hilarious gift for your geek friend who always keeps in search of new books. The fabric used, is a combination of polyester, cotton, & rayon materials to achieve good desirable results as a buyer for a long time. Being lightweight more durable and is safe to wash in the machine. It comes in four colors (black, fuchsia, grey & navy frost).

14. Mastercard Gift Card ($206)

Mastercard Gift Card

One of the best ways to gift someone is to get them a payment gift card so that they can use it in their own way. This gift card can be redeemed wherever MasterCard is accepted.

15. Clip-On Book Light ($10)

Clip On Book Light Gift For Book Geeks

It is specially designed to read the books on the bed comfortably in the nighttime. when the room’s light is switched off. Its flexible neck allows you to fully illuminate the light on all pages. The LED light is completely glare-free so it does not affect your eyesight even in the dark. Due to its lightweight and flexible design, it is easy to carry and store into your backpack safely when you are traveling or going outdoor camping.

16. Soft Pillow Lap Stand for Books ($40)

Soft Pillow Lap Stand for Books

No more fuss while reading books as this pillow lap stand offers you a convenient reading experience with full peace of mind. Made of extra durable soft material so you can change its viewing angles in three different ways accordingly where you feel more comfortable. It comes in multiple colors so buy one of your book buddy’s favorite colors. Besides books, also suitable for iPads and eReaders.

17. Book Lover’s Candle ($22)

Book Lovers Candle

Have a natural feel of rain in the bed, take a sip of hot coffee and keep on enjoying reading. All the ingredients used to prepare this fragrance are 100% pure and natural.

18. Iron Statue Gift for Readers ($36)

Iron Sculpture Accent Piece, Gift for Readers

You can clearly see that this vintage sculpture features a unique design of the figure, “reading a book” so makes an easy gift choice for the book readers. It is an awesome addition to beautify your study table or workspaces. Extremely lightweight and can be easily placed on any flat surface.

19. Wonder Women Floating Bookshelf ($26)

Wonderwoman Floating Bookshelf Gift

A surprising factor for book lovers is to hold their books collection in a concise but stylish form. This shelf is made of strong metal and has a nice black coating finish. So wherever you mount it, looks just fantastic.

20. Keychain Gift For Book Lovers ($14)

Keychain Gift For Book Lovers

It’s a simple yet thoughtful gift for crazy book lovers. What makes it more relatable is the quote “Drink Tea, Read Book, & Be Happy”. It comes packed in a beautiful velvet cloth pouch so ready to be received by your beloved recipients.

21. Backpack For Book Lovers ($18)

Backpack Gift For Book Lovers

Use it as a laptop bag, carry out your travel equipment in it, or buy it for your school kid, this backpack is going to fulfill everyone’s requirements. So don’t hesitate to buy it for your crazy book reader, you will be really appreciated for this precious present. It is available in a wide range of colors.

22. Book Cover Case ($10)

Book Cover Case Gift For Book Lovers

What a beautiful vintage book-style mobile cover is. It is made of faux leather for extra durability and a nice feel to touch. There are mini-slots to put IDs and credit cards safely. An amazing gift for iPhone users.

23. Nerd Book Lover Apron ($20)

Nerd Book Lover Apron Gift

If you got someone who enjoys reading books while cooking at the same time, let them double their joy with this wonderful apron. It is 31 inches long and 26 inches in width. Ideal for both men and women.

24. Gift Cards As A Bookmark ($25)

Gift Cards As A Bookmark

Let your bookish friend surprise with this 2in1 “bookmark + gift card” present. The bookmark has a $25 balance that can be redeemed on

25. Baby Book ($27)

Gift for Baby Book Lovers

A set of four beautiful books with colorful pictures and graphics to teach your kid basic scientific principles just like Brilliant Brielle.

26. Star Trek Book Collection ($30)

Star Trek Book Collection Gift

An ultimate collection of comic readers. It includes each and every publication of the Star Trek series from 1967 – 2002 in digital form.

27. Personalized Paper Anniversary Gift ($24)

Paper Anniversary Gift

For those nerds who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Awesome folded book pattern comes with your personalized date crafted on the papers.

More Gift Ideas For Book Lovers