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21 Best Gifts For Horse Lovers & Equestrians In (August) 2023

Finding gifts for horse lovers is not gonna be harder for you as we have prepared a list of 21 best gifts for the horse riders and equestrians currently available on the market. So let’s check these out.

Gifts For Horse Lovers

Trendy Gifts For Horse Lovers

1. Cordura Synthetic Horse Saddle

Cordura Synthetic Horse Saddle - Gifts For Horse Lovers

Whoever is the horse rider, gonna love this masterpiece (saddle) from the AceRugs that does the trick what it is known for perfectly. Made of synthetic material so despite being lightweight, it is more durable and comfortable. Available in multiple sizes.

2. New Horse Travel Mug

New Horse Travel Mug - Gifts For Horse Lovers

A Tumblr with nice horse themed graphics and overall great quality is not gonna cost you too much but makes a perfect present for horse lovers. It is ideal for both hot and cold beverages.

3. Flower Horse Student Bag

Flower Horse Student Bag

Kids love colorful stuff so if the horse is their favorite animal, this bag is an excellent gift for them on their birthday or succeeding in the next school grade. It features awesome colorful horse artwork on the exterior. There is a variety of bags with different horse-themed graphics so choose the best one which appeals to you the most.

4. Vintage Leather Memory Book

Vintage Leather Memory Book

Amaze your beloved horse lovers by filling this scrapbook with their old day’s pictures of horse riding and others. It is made of pure leather material so going to stay forever in its original form. The horse carving has been done beautifully on the upper shell. It can hold more than 80 pictures of size 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 at a time.

5. Horse Grooming Kit

Horse Grooming Kit

This 7 piece grooming kit is gonna really meant a lot to the horse enthusiasts. It includes almost everything that needs to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of a horse. All the items come packed in a nice quality tote bag for safe carrying and storage.

6. Running Horse Coffee Mug

Running Horse Coffee Mug

Although a mug is one of the commonly used household items what makes it unique is the eye-catching riding horse graphics on the exterior. This ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It has the dimensions of 4 1/8″ Width x 5″ Height. A fan of horses will definitely appreciate this delightful present.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Awesome pendant necklace with beautiful horse art and essential oil diffuser function for a great feel and fresh environment in the surroundings. The locket itself comes packed in a velvet bag and in a nice gift box so no more need to wrap it out to be gifted out.

8. Horse Lover Women Hoodie

Horse Lover Women Hoodie

Superbly made hoodie gift for gentle ladies who love animals especially horses. There are a variety of colors and size options to select from the right one.

9. New Horse Wind Chime

New Horse Wind Chime

Have some relaxing sound with this beautifully designed harmonic wind chimes. A decent present for horse lovers.

10. Willow Tree Horse Memory Box

Willow Tree Horse Memory Box

This memory box is showing a sculpted girl loving a horse. It is well crafted with natural wood so more sturdy and durable. There is a nice sentimental statement written inside under the top cover “Always there for me” that makes it a really wise gift choice for horse lovers. Ideal to store small jewelry, keys, watches, etc.

11. Animal Print Winter Scarf

Animal Print Winter Scarf

This horse printed scarf is a great addition to your fashion collection. It is constructed with pure viscose material so being lightweight, very soft to touch and offers great comfort.

12. 3D Horse Night Lamp

3D Horse Night Lamp

An excellent 3D night lamp with horse-themed lights in the bedroom. Perfect present for kids who are a fan of horses. It’s enough bright in the dark so they will be able to see around and have a peaceful sleep without any disruption.

13. Horse Coloring Book

Horse Coloring Book - Gifts For Horse Lovers

A fun way to let your kids conscious about horses and riding. Each page of the book has unique sketches so they will really love coloring without getting bored for hours.

14. Stallion Salt And Pepper Set

Stallion Salt And Pepper Set - Gifts For Horse LoversGet your dinner host surprise with this beautifully handcrafted Polyresin spice set. It has a more realistic design and painting work that is featuring a horse with a cart so looks absolutely fantastic. It has the dimensions of 6 1/2″ x 3″ x 6 1/4″ and weighs 1.2 lbs.

15. Horse Ranch Music Jewelry Box

Horse Ranch Music Jewelry BoxA great treasure house with a twisting horse figurine for kids to play with. It has several drawers to store mini toys and gadgets. This is measured by 6″ L x 4″W x 6″H.

16. Girls Horse Bracelet Gift

Girls Horse Bracelet Gift - Gifts For Horse Lovers

A perfect stocking stuffer for the girls who are crazy about horse riding. It comes in two colors glossy pink and light blue.

17. Horse Print Throw Blanket

Horse Print Throw Blanket - Gifts For Horse Lovers

A wonderful present for those who love horses. Even this blanket is thin and lightweight but very warm and soft in nature. It’s enough big in size “63”x73″ to cover all body parts.

18. Wild Horses Wall Decals

Wild Horses Wall Decals - Gifts For Horse Lovers

These wall decals are the best gift to give to horse lovers when you are limited to your spendings. Simple to decorate plain walls with real look-alike running horse stickers. All you just need to peel them and stick them on the wall without damaging wall paint.

19. Mini Horse Paper Clips

Mini Horse Paper Clips - Gifts For Horse Lovers

Simple yet very useful paper clips for bookmarking the book pages for convenient reading and assorting the pages in a precise form. What makes them special is the horse design so ideal to let them go to the avid horse riders who also have an interest in book reading and writing. There are 30 pieces packed in a nice steel box.

20. Plush Farmhouse With Horses

Plush Farm House With Horses

Your kid will definitely love playing with this cuddly horse farmhouse. The set includes 4 plush horses and 1 soft farmhouse. Safe and easy to wash.

21. Color Changing Horse Bath Toy

Color Changing Horse Bath Toy - Gifts For Horse Lovers

This toy keeps the kids engage in play when you are giving them a shower. The horse changes its color on getting wet so looks really awesome. The package includes a horse, a brush, a blanket cover, and a refillable ‘perfume’ bottle.

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