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Feelings of becoming a father for the first time cannot be explained in words. So this is the time when you can bring more happiness presenting him with some precious present. As you have already landed on our website so we are going to unveil the unique and thoughtful gifts for new dads that they will really appreciate.

Gifts For New Dads

Trendy Gifts For New Dads

1. Dad & Infant T-Shirt Bodysuit Set ($20)

Bodysuit Gift For New Dads

Nice set of matching T-shirts and bodysuit gift for dad and baby. Made of 100% pure cotton so more comfy and safe to machine wash. A lot of color options are there to choose from.

2. Baby Swaddle Blanket ($22)

Baby Swaddle Blanket Gift

One of the basic necessities of new born babies are these cuddly blankets so you will be really appreciated for this great present by the new dad. Come in a pack of three pieces and ideal for 0-3 months infants.

3. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA ($2)

Your Baby First Word Will Be DADA Gift For Dad

A fun book for infants with animal pictures sounding the word “Dada” except the duck who speaks “Quack”!!

4. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device ($)

Funny Dads Diaper Gift

Dad will take the charge of changing baby’s diaper happily having this funny Daddy’s Diaper Kit.

5. Personalized Tumbler Gift For New Fathers ($22)

Personilzed Stainless Steel Tumbler Gift For New Dads

This stainless steel tumbler is an awesome gift for new dads with engraved year of becoming daddy. It is ideal for both hot and cold beverages.

6. Convertible Baby Carrier ($27)

Convertible Carrier Gift For Parents

Its Impressive design and quality construction ensures the safe baby carrying specially for new dads who never have had experience of carrying babies before.

7. New Dad Sculpted Figure ($21)

New Dad figure Gift

Beautifully handmade figure shows the feelings and emotions of becoming a dad for the very first time.

8. Be Prepared: As Dad ($11)

Be Prepared Book Gift For Dads

A great book with fun stories and illustrations of how to deal with emergency situations to take care of papa’s first baby. Like to make a diaper with any casual cloth/towel, lullabying a kid and much more.

9. Baby Handprint Keepsake ($20)

Baby Handprint Keepsake Gift for First Fathers

Have beautiful memories for years capturing the hand/footprints of your beloved new baby with non toxic clay filled in personalized keepsake photo frame.

10. Papa’s Diaper Duty Apron ($30)

Papa Diaper Duty Apron Gift

Awesome gag gift for new dads to change the diapers of baby conveniently. The set includes gloves, clothespins, face mask, baby shower, and a nice apron.

11. New Dad Keychain Gift ($14)

New Dad Keychain Gifts

A tiny but thoughtful present for new fathers as there is a beautiful saying “When a Child is Born So is a Dad ” makes it more special. It is made of stainless steel so going to stay in its original form for many years.

12. Daddy Gift from Newborn ($30)

Photo Frame Daddy Gift

Every new dad will definitely love this cute photo frame with gratifying baby’s poem. Ideal gift from the mother of new born baby to his/her first time father.

13. Lalabu Dad Shirt ($75)

Lalabu Dad Shirt Gift

There is definitely amazing thoughts behind making of this nice lalabu shirt for dads who never have had the experience of lullabying the baby ever before. It is well built and has reinforced pockets with easy to use magnetic closures.

14. New Dad Bumper Gift Box ($49)

Gift Box For New Dads

Full of gag gift items that a new dad must have to learn the baby’s care and look after professionally.

15. Cap Gift For New Dads ($11)

Cap Gift For New Dad

The imprinted phrase “New Dad” automatically makes this cap obvious gift choice for the new fathers. Made of polyester material so pretty durable and breathable. It also features easy to adjust plastic snap system. Comes in a standard size so mostly fits for all.

16. Fishing Lure Gift For New Dads ($10)

Fishing Lure Gift For New Dads

Another simple yet amazing present for new dads who love fishing. What makes this lure special is the text engraved “Dad’s New Fishing Buddy”. It is crafted with stainless steel so rust and corrosion free. Also, it comes in a nice gift box so ready to be received by the gift recipient.

17. Ceramic Mugs For New Mom And Dad ($19)

Ceramic Mugs Gift For Dad

A set of two elegantly handcrafted marble ceramic mugs with imprinted mom and dad texture and personalized year of becoming parents on each make these contemporary present for new parents.

More Gift Ideas For First Time Dads

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