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20 Cool Judo Karate Martial Arts Gifts & Merchandise (August) 2023

Are you a martial artist or have a buddy who is a professional judo karate master? If yes, then these gift ideas are perfect to cheer and motivate them. We have handpicked the best martial arts gifts available on the market right now. So whatever you pick for them, you will be appreciated for that pleasant present.

Martial Arts Gifts

Best Martial Arts Gifts

1. USA Judo Gi

USA Judo Gi

This judo Gi outfit is for every judo lover who wants to learn and compete in consolation. The statement printed inside and soothing finish make this a wonderful Judo Gi gift. Definitely worth buying product that’s gonna maintain its quality and performance for many years.

2. Karate Kick Pads

Karate Kick Pads

Planning to teach your kids fundamental techniques of judo karate martial art keeping them safe and comfortable from any sudden injuries? These kick pads are ideal to go with as a birthday gift for them. They are exactly as advertised and work nicely.

The soft padded foam can successfully minimize the frontal impact. Very Efficient to stop any damage from punching. These are carefully handcrafted to rightly fit your hands giving you enhanced striking power and the precision of the punching.

3. Puzzle Exercise Mat

Puzzle Exercise Mat

To let the martial artists have good training sessions and effective workout drills, gift them these well-designed and double-sided non-slip flooring tiles.

Comes with a superb slip-resistant advantage to forestall injuries. Distinctive resilience permits you to maintain your stability throughout any exercise style. Their moisture-resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed. The Lightweight Interlocking design makes them quite simple to assemble.

4. Karate Punching Bag

Karate Punching Bag

Buy this punching bag for boys to smack it rather than striking with their siblings! It has a double closure on the bottom to prevent leakage of water, sand, or whatever you put inside it. Adults and junior martial artists will love it. Get some aggression out and work up a good sweat and heart rate to boot.

5. Wood Phone Holder

Wood Phone Holder

If you have a karate man in your life, this personalized phone holder is the right gift for him on his birthday, anniversary, or any other special event. It’s made out of pure wood so very lightweight, durable, and rigid to hold your smartphone when you are at work, watching videos, or talking on face time.

6. Judo Gi Keychain Gift

Judo Gi Keychain Gift

This stunning keychain is crafted with authentic leather and durable materials. It will grab everybody’s attention on you. Beautiful design with extremely detailed artwork. Excellent gift for yourself, your pals who are fans of karate and martial arts.

7. Leg Stretcher

Leg Stretcher

Highly stretchable and easy-to-use fitness strap to enhance your leg flexibility, stability, and movements in a natural position. Just some weeks of constant use and your mates will discover appreciable improvements to your movements. Go ahead and gift this cost-free gift for judo masters.

8. Martial Arts Keepsake Box

Martial Arts Keepsake Box

This hilarious box is good for displaying memorable photographs, medals, collectibles, and more. It makes a fantastic gift for judo karate enthusiasts. They will be glad about having this thoughtful present to embellish their dorm or favorite place. It has a reversible back so that you can set it as you like.

9. Karateka Fan Mug

Karateka Fan Mug

Astonishing ceramic mug texturing a vibrant black interior and handle. The imprint statement makes it a perfect personalized gift for your loved ones whose favorite indoor activity is martial arts or keep it for yourself to enjoy as a memory keepsake. It’s microwave and hand-wash safe to preserve the original form.

10. Martial Art Ninja Sword

Martial Art Ninja Sword

It’s a remarkable martial art training gear that comes with the finest details and the highest quality you will possibly not find in any other equipment available on the market. Suitable for weight and stability for martial arts.

11. Judo Formal Techniques

Judo Formal Techniques

Probably the most efficient guide on Judo to the date. It thoroughly describes the basic judo karate training drills and exercises that are very helpful in a real-time game. Especially Nage no Kata and Katame no Kata are worth learning techniques for every judo master.

12. Fluorescent Nunchakus

Fluorescent Nunchakus

Very colorful and eye-catching nunchucks that are fabricated from shockproof material to make sure no damage after falling down. Appropriate for performances and regular training. It can be chosen as a birthday or holiday gift for kids who show interest in Judo karate and martial arts.

13. Karate Key Holder

Karate Key Holder

Durable steel-made rounded hooks that easily mount to any wall for display and decoration purposes. Ideal to use for hanging keys, lanyards, awards, etc. Not only a good hanging tool but also a thoughtful gift idea for judo lovers.

14. Karate Poop Toy

Karate Poop Toy

Funniest thing on our list of the best judo karate martial arts gift ideas. Simply click the back liver of this pen for punches that would make a judo master scared. This toy is the perfect present for your loved ones who utterly need a break from a so-called busy routine life and enjoy a fun time.

15. Martial Arts Practice Rings

Martial Arts Practice Rings

If you’re really serious about learning martial arts or judo karate then you need to get this ring. It will improve your hand positions for the correct execution of the movements of the upper body.

16. Karate Necklace Gift

Karate Necklace Gift

On the lookout for a cheap yet wise present for a birthday, vacation, or different special day coming up for the Judo or Taekwondo master in your life? This beautiful sports pendant necklace makes an ideal gift for a good friend, daughter, girlfriend, or teen girl.

17. Doll Karate Outfit


Doll Karate Outfit

These pretty judo outfits are fabricated from top-quality materials and are nicely sewn. They come along with three colorful belts. No doubt, it’s gonna be a wonderful gift for your little girl who is a karate master in making.

18. Martial Arts Wall Sticker

Martial Arts Wall Sticker

These martial arts stickers are made with premium vinyl along with a detachable adhesive that’s safe for your walls. So very easy to put on any smooth and clean surface. One of the best inexpensive judo karate gift ideas.

19. Karate Charm Bracelet

Karate Charm Bracelet

That is the right everyday bracelet gift for Karate lovers. It has white strands for a novel handmade look. Featuring an infinity symbol with the word “Love” and the word “Karate” in moveable letters. Also, it contains a silvery charm in the shape of a martial arts belt. Make all the opponent players jealous having this one.

20. Judo Karate Ribbon Bands

Judo Karate Ribbon Bands

Trendy and stylish hairbands ideal for all different hairstyles. Very soft and flexible enough so won’t pinch or pull your hairs. It features a unique karate-themed design so can be a cool birthday or anniversary gift idea for karate or martial art girls.

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