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13 Fun Ladybug Toys For Kids (Boys & Girls) In (August) 2023

Ladybug toys are a great way to engage your child’s imagination. They can be purchased for babies, toddlers, or older children, and some may have small parts. Some ladybug toys are educational, and many can help your child learn science, math, and other essential skills. Choose a toy that’s lifelike to entice budding entomologists. Despite their cute facial features, ladybugs are also perfect for counting and learning. Let’s check out these top Ladybug Toy ideas for pick the right one for your kid’s birthday or casual play.


1. Ladybug Cozy Coupe Ride-On Car Toy

Ladybug Cozy Coupe Ride-On Car Toy

Your toddler will love this little ride-on car that features fun antennae detailing and ladybug spots on the roof. It’s great for indoor and outdoor play. You can open the gas cap and fill the tank with gas, too. With a range of fun accessories and colors, it makes a great gift.

2. Counting Ladybug Toys

Counting Ladybug Toy Set

This beautiful set of ladybugs is a great addition to your toddler’s toy collection. Designed by parents, each ladybug is accompanied by a matching dot on the top of the skin. This is a great toy for a young child to play with and is ideal for nature schools, nature hikes, and more. These toys are easy to transport and are a fantastic birthday gift for any child.

3. Ladybird Beetle Stuffed Animal Plush

Ladybird Beetle Stuffed Animal Plush

The cute and cuddly ladybug stuffed animal is another wonderful toy for your child’s soft collection. Available in two sizes small and large. These plush characters are made of polyester and are machine-washable. You can carry them anywhere with ease since they are small enough to fit into a backpack.

4. Ladybug Silicone Baby Teething Toy

Silicone Baby Teething Toy

This is designed to mimic a ladybug. It’s a fun-shaped toy with 360 degrees of super-soft silicone bristles that will provide a complete cleaning experience for your little one. It also has a two-handle design that will be easy to grasp for your baby. This product is FDA-approved and made of US food grade silicon, so you can be confident that your baby is getting a quality product.

5. Wheely Ladybug

Wheely Ladybug

It’s an affordable and durable ride-on toy that encourages motor skills. The extra soft outer construction and sturdy rolling wheels make it safe for toddlers to use indoors on smooth floors. It comes in two sizes, small and large, and is recommended for children ages two to five years.

6. Ladybug Dimple Pop Board Toys

Ladybug Dimple Pop Board Toys

Amazing ladybug-themed dimple is an educational toy with a unique and adorable face. It contains different colorful silicone dimples that can be flipped over to play the game a second time. The toy’s durable frame is made of ABS plastic, and the dimples are made of silicone. It has educational and tactile benefits and is ideal for both kids and adults.

7. Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game

Garden Memory Game

It’s a fun ladybug toy to challenge the mind of your young child. The painted wooden ladybugs fit into your little one’s hands. They’ll enjoy memorizing the various animal shapes, colors, and objects, as well as practicing their memory and paying attention.

8. Ladybug Spray Water Sprinkler

Ladybug Spray Water Sprinkler

Another cute and colorful kids ladybug toy to sprinkle water in your garden. It features two different ways to spray water. Simply spin the ladybug’s shell, and the water will spout out. This sprinkler is safe for children of all ages. While you’re playing, you can even spin it and see what happens. The goofy foot ladybug sprinkler is a hilarious gift for any little girl because it will make your little girl smile every time.

9. Ladybug Girl’s Plush Doll

Ladybug Girl's Plush Doll

This lovable plush doll is based on a popular children’s book series by Jacky Davis and David Soman. This toy is a safe choice for children of all ages, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It is about 10 inches tall and you can find it at your local toy shop or online at amazon.

10. Ladybugs Board Books Set

Board Books Set

For a toddler’s first book, this is an excellent choice. This counting storybook features dimensional ladybugs and a counting vine. Moreover, it’s a great introduction to rhyming and counting. It features colorful illustrations and a simple layout. The ladybug stickers are also an attractive addition to the set.

11. Ladybug Garden Toy

Ladybug Garden Toy

The astonishing mini garden is the perfect tool for young scientists that will let them grow their own ladybugs. This toy is designed with three magnification spots and its tomb shape top removes that makes feeding easy. It encourages STEM learning and inspires a love of science. The product’s unique features and benefits make it an ideal choice for little girls and boys.

12. Little Ladybug Bubble Bottles

Little Ladybug Bubble Bottle Toys

These adorable bubble bottles are sure to make any girl’s birthday party a hit! Not only will they be fun to play with, but the cute ladybug design will make her feel like a lucky winner! These wands come with a cute poem printed inside, and they also make great favors for the birthday girl or boy in your life. Amusing toy set to celebrate your special day with her friends!

13. Math Counting Montessori Ladybug Toys

Math Counting Montessori Ladybug Toys

Buy this math counting ladybug toy for your toddler’s playroom. These colorful wooden critters come in a presentation box and feature different sizes. Toddlers will find them easy to hold on to for hours of independent play. In addition to being a fun toy, they’re also highly portable, making them ideal for taking to nature school.

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