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5 Hilarious Last Minute Gift ideas For Enthusiast Car Lovers

Wanna send something random but cool to those avid car people who have everything? These are the best last minute gift ideas for car lovers that they will really admire.

Last Minute Gifts Car Lovers

Top Last Minute Gift Ideas Car Lovers

1. Auto Clip Pliers ($29)

Auto Clip Pliers

You can’t find too many useful car tools in a kit at such a very reasonable price. It includes more than everything to help car owners or mechanics keep their vehicles always up to date wherever they are. All the items come nicely organized in a sturdy carrying case.

2. Trash Can For Car Lovers ($17)

Trash Can For Car Lovers

Let them have their cars always clean and tidy by gifting this unique portable car trash bin. It’s well designed and constructed. Universally fits perfectly into any car. Available in 5 elegant colors green/black/grey/pink/dark grey.

3. Car Engine Fault Detector ($26)

Car Engine Fault Detector

This smart device is very helpful to detect the exact fault and reasons for the breakdown of vehicles. In some cases, it can also save a couple of bucks if you know the solution to the problems.

4. Wheel Brush Kit ($18)

Wheel Brush Kit Last Minute Gift Ideas Car Lovers

No more fuss cleaning dirty tires of your cars. Have this automatic drill brush kit that operates on rechargeable batteries. It comes with 4 easy-to-set-up scrubber attachments for different cleaning requirements. Definitely, worth buying a last-minute gift for every car lover.

5. LED Cup Holder ($14)

An excellent innovative idea to decorate your car interior with these acrylic 3d coasters. Upon detecting any movement around, these pads automatically start to light up and turn off after 15 seconds if the sensor doesn’t find any vibration.

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