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21 Cute Mermaid Gifts In 2023

During the summer, one of the best healthy recreational activities for kids and tweens is swimming. If you have little ones who are obsessed with fairy tales and mermaids, nothing could be the best choice to stun them from getting a unique mermaid-themed present. In the below gift ideas, you can find various fine mermaid gifts that every mermaid lover will be excited to receive.

Mermaid Gifts

Best Mermaid Gifts

1. Kids Mermaid Monofin

Kids Mermaid Monofin

For the kids who yet not feel comfortable underwater. This monofin is gonna help them to propel quite comfortably and learn swimming faster. The embedded foam provides ultimate comfort. It’s easy to put on feet through its adjustable straps. Available in two beautiful colors pink and blue.

2. Mermaid Print Hooded Beach Cover

Mermaid Print Hooded Beach Cover

A wonderful beachwear for girls who love everything about mermaids. It’s made of highly soft flannel fleece material to offer a great amount of warmness and coziness. There is a large buckle tie to cover up your body completely. Also, the two giant pockets are there to make your hands warm.

3. I Love Mermaids Kit

I Love Mermaids Kit

Let the children craft for their friends, siblings, or themselves something really awesome mermaid themed gift. With this mermaid kit, they will be able to create a necklace, bracelet, wallet decorations, and much other cool stuff.

4. Mermaid Cell Phone Purse

Mermaid Cell Phone Purse

Astonishing crossbody bag having a cute mermaid theme design what makes it a perfect gift for enthusiast mermaid lovers. It’s made of faux leather that guarantees the best quality and long term durability. The vintage style zipper is also pretty sturdy and serves its purpose without any hassle. Besides using it as a cell phone purse, you can also carry it with you during traveling and shopping for holding cash, credit cards, makeup accessories, and other personal stuff.

5. Personalized Mermaid Mug

Personalized Mermaid Mug

Being a true mermaid fan, if she is also fond of tea/coffee, this mug is gonna be a huge hit. The seller allows you to print a personalized name of your loved ones next to the mermaid tail. It’s completely hand-painted and handcrafted using high-quality ceramic material. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

6. Riding Wave Mermaid Jewelry Box

Riding Wave Mermaid Jewelry Box

A beautiful piece of art craftsmanship featuring an elegant mermaid statue. Your girl will fall in love with this classic mermaid jewelry box. Keep it as a decoration piece while using it for the purpose of what it’s basically made for at the same time.

7. Mermaid Leggings For Girls

Leggings For Girls

Your daughter or little sister inspired by mermaids will be more than happy to wear this vibrant color legging set. Extremely soft and comfortable. Available in a couple of nice colors and sizes.

8. Mermaid Pop Up Umbrella

Mermaid Pop Up Umbrella

We love this pinkish bluish mermaid umbrella and we are sure your daughter will love this too. She will be able to open it quite easily. Though extra lightweight yet holds back in the wind and heavy rain. The curved handle allows you to hold it in the hands firmly and hang it on the hook after wrapping up.

9. Girl’s Mermaid Flats

Girls Mermaid Flats

She will be happy to have these pointed-toe mermaid shoes on her feet. The mermaid shell exterior gives it an elegant shining look. Its flat sole is an added advantage to walk comfortably.

10. Mermaid Charm Glass Necklace

Mermaid Charm Glass Necklace

Beautiful pendant necklace featuring a nice mermaid charm that you can gift a girl in your life obsessed with water creatures. The stone you can see in the picture is a natural sea glass stone so it feels good and brings you to close to nature. The chain is 20 inches long. They send it in a beautiful gift box.

11. Detangler Disney Princess Brush

Detangler Disney Princess Brush

Superb little mermaid brush gift for your little princess from the Disney. It has flexible bristles for soft and smooth hair brushing experience.

12. Mermaid Hair Sun Hat

Mermaid Hair Sun Hat

No matter whether she is your daughter, sister, wife, or mother who has a great interest in mermaids, this cap is a wise gift idea for her. It has an easy hook and loop closure mechanism and comes in one standard size that fits all. Available in 5 nice colors blue/grey/mauve/teal/pink.

13. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

So soothing hand crochet mermaid tail blanket that’s one of the best mermaid gifts for girls on their birthday. Not only it makes you feel warm in winter but also suitable in the summer when you are chilling out in an air-conditioned room. A bonus cool rainbow color keychain comes along.

14. Mermaid Tactical Outdoor Knife

mermaid knife


It’s a heavy and well-made sharp knife with a vibrant mermaid themed design texture. Easy to flick in and out. Go wild and go with this unique gift for your husband or loved ones who are gonna have their wedding ceremony at the beach.

15. Muslin Baby Mermaid Bib Gift Set

Muslin Baby Mermaid Bib

Looking for some cute present for a new baby girl at a baby shower? Nothing can be the best mermaid themed gift than this Muslin bib set at such a reasonable price.

16. Women’s Mermaid Charm Bracelet

Women's Mermaid Charm Bracelet

This hilarious bracelet with a mermaid charm will bring happiness to a beloved woman in your life who is a fan of mermaids.

17. Merry Mermaid Dress-Up Doll Set

Merry Dress-Up Doll Set

It’s an adorable baby mermaid doll set for mermaid obsessed girls on their birthday.

18. Kids Water Bottle

Kids Water Bottle

One of the best things that can make your daughter’s mood happy is this beautiful water bottle to carry along while going to school.

19. Mermaid Art Activity Book

Mermaid Art Activity Book

A great art activity book for all age mermaid fans.

20. Ice Cube Tray & Baking Mold

Ice Cube Tray & Baking Mold

Ideal to make ice cubes for beverages as well as delicious mermaid cookies for kids.

21. Mermaid Tail Gel Pens

Mermaid Tail Gel Pens

Cheap yet a decent birthday gift for classmates or colleagues who never shy to receive anything related to mermaids. These pens with fishtails are very smooth to write. What makes these worth buying is their refill feature.