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32 Best Mug Gifts for Tea & Coffee Lovers in (August) 2023

If you are looking for some decent mug for your loved one who is a tea/coffee addict, we have some really nice mug gifts suggestions for you. Here you will find all-occasion mug gifts for everyone. Also, check out the other gifts for tea lovers & coffee enthusiasts.

Mug Gifts

Best Mug Gifts!

1. Funny Coffee Mug For Parents

Funny Mug For Parents

This is a nice gift for parents on their birthday and anniversary celebrations to show your love for them. It is featuring a quite funny phrase “My Favorite Child Gave Me This Mug” that makes it more interesting.

2. Cat Coffee Mug

Cat Coffee Mug

This coffee mug has a beautiful design that has a cute baby cat inside. It is made of ceramic and dishwasher safe. A good gift choice for your sister or girlfriend.

3. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Mug

If you are looking for a coffee mug different from a typical mug, you will love this stainless steel mug that has a very slick design and finish. It features double insulated walls that maintain the temperature of tea & coffee for a longer time as compared to a traditional ceramic cup.

4. Have a Good Day Coffee Mug

Have a Good Day Mug



It is the best way to say others “have a good day” by presenting coffee to them in this beautiful mug. A wiser gift for a working husband and wife.

5. Couples Coffee Mugs Set

Couples Mug Set

What can be the best gift more than this mug set for a newly married couple? These mugs are featuring amazing exterior and the words written on mugs make more relevant to them.

6. Musical Tea Mug

Musical Tea Mug

If you have a person in your friends and family zone who is a musician and looking for some special gift for him, this mug belongs to him. It features musical notes on the exterior and has a nice guitar handle.

7. Mug Gift for Mom

Mug Gift for Mom

We all love our mothers so why not show your love to them presenting this fantastic coffee mug set on mother’s day or their birthday. It includes a beautiful pink mug, a coaster, a gift box, and a gift bag.

8. Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Byron Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This mug is easy to hold and adjusts in the car’s cup holder comfortably. It consists of a leak-proof seal and has a nonslip grip to hold it single-handedly. A good companion when you are traveling.

9. Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug

Marble Ceramic Mug

Have a natural coffee taste in this beautiful marble coffee mug. It is made of highly condense ceramic so it is dishwasher and microwave safe. This is a unique present for coffee lovers.

10. Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

You don’t need to worry to make the teal/coffee hot again and again anymore. This mug comes with a charging coaster that connects through a mobile app so you can make the tea hot by setting the temperature from your phone. A perfect gift for people who work in the office for long hours.

11. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee CupWhat can be the best present for a videographer more than this camera lens coffee mug especially when you are strict to a low budget? This is made of food-grade plastic and stainless steel so safe to use. It also comes with a free stainless steel spoon. They will enjoy to drink coffee in it.

12. Porcelain Tea Mug

Porcelain Tea Cup with Infuser

This tea mug comes with an infuser and a lid that is ideal to brew loose leaf tea. It has a heat-proof handle so easy to hold. The cup is also dishwasher and microwave safe. A good gift option for working people who love tea.

13. Frosted Ceramic Coffee Cup

Frosted Ceramic Cup

The mug has a very nice design and is also very sturdy so you can use it for both hot and cold beverages. It can be considered as a pleasant present for everyone regardless of event and occasion.

14. Morning Coffee Mug

Morning Mug

This is the best way to say good morning to your loved ones serving them hot tea and coffee. It has an amazing texture that changes from sad to happy mood smiley during filling it with a hot beverage.

15. Hand-Warmer Coffee Mug

Handwarmer Cup

Get your hands warmed while having a delicious hot tea and coffee in it. A great gift choice for all during the winter season.

16. Caffeine Beaker Coffee Mug

Caffeine Beaker Mug

Do you have friends and siblings graduating in science? This beaker designed mug will really make them happy. Its crystal clear glass and measurement markings are quite similar to a chemistry lab beaker.

17. Hot Tea Mug Set

Hot Tea Mug Set

These are simple yet nice tea mugs and an ideal gift for a family of 4-6 members. The tea set consists of six different colored cups so everyone will have a choice to select their favorite mug color.

18. Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription Tea Cup

This is one of the coolest mugs I have ever seen. It can hold 12 ounces of liquid. The mug is easy to clean and the print does not fade. Whoever sees this mug will ask you where did you get it from? A perfect gag gift for coffee addicts.

19. Black Coffee Mug with Lid

Black Mug with Lid

This mug is made of stainless steel and features double insulated walls so you can even touch the bottom of the mug. It keeps your hot and cold beverages at your favorable temperature for a longer period of time. Its black color makes it more appealing.

20. Bamboo Coffee Mug

Bamboo Coffee Cup

The mug is crafted with good quality bamboo wood and there is also a use of stainless steel in its construction so overall offers great durability. It is lightweight and easy to rinse. Its handle remains cool during the hot beverage inside it. An appreciable gift for tea and coffee lovers.

21. Giant Coffee Mug

Giant Coffee Mug

It’s time to jolt your loved one with this giant coffee mug. There is also a funny slug on the mug “One Cup of Coffee a Day”. They will really get shocked after seeing this big boss.

22. Wanderlust White Mug

Wanderlust White Mug

The wonderful exterior makes this mug relevant for all-purpose use. It is constructed with thick porcelain so easy to carry anywhere without the fear of breakage. One of the best-commended gifts for campers and travelers.

23. Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Heat Changing Constellation Cup

You have got an exceptional gift idea for your girlfriend who loves to look at the stars on the sky while walking along with you. This mug has amazing heat changing constellation texture full of glowing stars. She is gonna really love you more after having this awesome mug.

24. Glass Mug with Removable Ears

Glass Cup with Removable Ears

If you are searching for a gift for your sister who loves watching Bob’s Burgers sitcom, you can consider this mug that is featuring Bob’s Burgers funny character Louise with a funny phrase “I Smell Fear on You”. It can also be used as a sugar pot.

25. Don’t Speak Funny Coffee Mug

Don’t Speak Funny Coffee Mug

It is made of glass and has permanent ink texture with a saying “”Don’t Speak, Hold On… ok, I’m Listening”. A perfect gift for parents and siblings.

26. Insulated Desk Mug

Insulated Desk Mug

This is a kind of portable thermos that can keep your tea and coffee hot for hours. It features double insulated walls with foam inside. There is a soft to touch grip on the handle so comfortable to hold it. The best companion during travel.

27. Build-on Brick Mug

Build-on Brick Mug

It is the best way to persuade the kids to drink milk while playing with the mug at the same time.

28. Batman Ceramic Coffee Mug Gift

Batman Shaped Ceramic Coffee Mug

The Batman is a Comic movie and TV series that is equally popular in kids and old guys. So this coffee mug is a perfect present for Batman fans and you will be appreciated for it without a doubt.

29. Boss Lady Coffee Mug

Boss Lady Gold Coffee Mug

Inspire your lady who you love and respect the most presenting her this hilarious white & gold coffee mug.

30. Luminarc Nordic Mug

Luminarc Nordic Mug

Whether they like tea, coffee, or any other cold drink, this crystal clear mug is built for all-purpose use. Though it looks simple, but the gift is always a gift no matter what. Trust me, you will be appreciated by your gift recipient for it.

31. 3D Coffee Mug

3D Coffee Mug

If you are on a budget and looking for a birthday gift for your loved one, it is the right choice for you. This is completely hand made and also hand-painted. They are gonna love this great looking handicraft.

32. Rainbow Coffee Mugs Gift Set

Rainbow Coffee Mugs Set

Everyone loves a rainbow that appears when it rains. The color of these coffee mugs is also inspired by rainbow so it can be a great gift choice at the friend’s wedding.

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