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24 Cool Pac Man Toys, Gifts, Merchandise For Kids & Fans (August) 2023

Pac Man is still one of the popular retro games as it’s used to be in the ’90s. If you are looking for Pac-Man toys and gifts for kids and those who are crazy fans of this game, you are lucky to be here. We have compiled a list of fun Pac-Man-themed toys and gift ideas that everyone would cherish to have. You might also be interested in checking out these cute Pokemon gift ideas.

Top Pac Man Toys Gifts

Best Pac Man Toys And Gifts

1. Pac-Man Arcade Game

Pac-Man Arcade Game

How can we forget “The Pac-Man” when it comes to arcade games. It’s been our favorite game since our childhood. Someone around you who really likes multi-level video games will find this arcade console very much delightful. It features a high-resolution display screen and sounds very well.

2. Pac Man Plush

Pac Man Plush

Kids 2-6 years old are the right candidates to adore these cute little Pac Man plush toys. Extremely soft and nice to touch. Come in a pack of 7 pieces in beautiful assorted colors.

3. Pac Man Ceramic Mug Gift

Pac Man Ceramic Mug Gift

Whether use this Pac Man cup as a casual tea/coffee mug, a pencil holder or keep it as a decoration piece, you will not regret your buying decision. Nicely sculpted and has a vibrant yellow/black color combination.

4. Pacman Video Game Shirt

Pacman Video Game Shirt

Represent the era you belong to wearing this all-season favorite game Pac-Man. Made from 100% cotton fabric so highly breathable and comfortable to wear. The print quality is also amazing that’s gonna last long. Sizes fall in S-2XL.

5. Pac Man Game Console

Pac Man Game Console

Let them recall those nostalgic memories when there were no smartphones but still had access to these gaming consoles to enjoy playing one and only PacMan games. It’s being lightweight yet pretty sturdy and has a compact design to fit perfectly in hands for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

6. PacMan Satchel Bag

PacMan Satchel Bag

This bag is simply elegant that’s featuring 4 lovely PacMan emojis on one side. Crafted using authentic cross-grain leather for ultimate durability and long-lasting performance. It’s quite roomy to cater to a bunch of personal stuff in it. There’s a handle as well as a detachable long strap to carry it conveniently anywhere you go.

7. Pac Man Hooded Blanket

Pac Man Hooded Blanket

It’s a funny smiling Pacman print oversized blanket that’s ideal to wear when taking a nap or during a walk through the streets in a cold season. They use microfiber flannel material in their construction to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Available in 3 size variations.

8. Pac-Man Digital Watch

Pac-Man Digital Watch

Probably nobody will deny who did not have had this retro-style watch. If you know someone exception, stun them by gifting this PacMan ready wristwatch on their birthday or another special event. Compact design, resistant to water, and has a funny Pac-Man specific alarm.

9. Arcade Pac Man TV Game

Arcade Pac Man TV Game

Enjoy the game with full thrill having this controller. It connects to a TV and PC for a wide display and without facing any button/handle controlling issues that you may encounter in typical consoles.

10. Pac-Man Card Game

Pac-Man Card Game

This classic PacMan board game is a great source of entertainment to spend a fun quality time with siblings and best friends. 2-5 players can participate in the game at a time.

11. Pac-Man Water Bottle

Pac-Man Water Bottle

Stay hydrated while playing PacMan. This bottle looks fantastic because of its unique PacMan exterior. It has a leakproof and easy-to-carry strapped lid.

12. Pacman Schoolbag

Pacman Schoolbag

Your children will go to the school more happily having this smiling PacMan bag on their shoulders. The construction material is of high quality so more durable and wear/tear-free.

13. Funny Pacman Men’s Suit

Funny Pacman Men's Suit

Make a surprise entry to an event wearing this humorous 3-piece outfit that has PacMan everywhere. It includes matching pants, a coat, and a tie.

14. Pac Man and Ghosts Light

Pac Man and Ghosts Light

Add some more elegant look to your gaming setup by welcoming this spectacular Pac Man light. The best budget gift idea for Pacman and arcade lovers.

15. Pac Man Knit Hat Gift

Pac Man Knit Hat Gift

It’s a wonderful hat that features a realistic Pac-Man game pattern. Naturally soft, comfy, and true to fit.  Every pro gamer will love this hat on the head.

16. PAC-Man Yellow Maze

PAC-Man Yellow Maze

No matter how old are you, whether you are going to sleep in your bed, sitting on a sofa at home, or driving a car, you will enjoy having your hands on this retro Pacman miniature as you used to like it in the old days.

17. Pacman Game Background

Pacman Game Background

Wish your son or daughter a happy birthday arranging a Pac-Man-themed birthday party for them. Also, it’s useful for a photoshoot background.

18. Pacman Arcade Game Floor Mat

Pacman Arcade Game Floor Mat

Give your room’s floor a perfect Pacman look with this carpet. Wow, factor to walk over. It’s antiskid, eco-friendly, and available in different sizes.

19. Pac Man Glass Tumbler

Pac Man Glass Tumbler

Cheap yet a stunning tumbler present for every enthusiast Pac “Man”. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages.

20. Pacman Game Bedding

Pacman Game Bedding

Fabulous bedding set to jolt your Pacman children when they are back home from school/college. It consists of a quilt and two pillow covers.

21. Pac-Man Crew Socks

Pac-Man Crew Socks

These socks are great to keep your legs warm and cozy while representing your Pac-Man identity at the same time. Very breathable and safe to machine wash.

22. Pacman Cupcake Topper

Pacman Cupcake TopperHere you have got another fun idea to decorate cupcakes and other snacks with these Pacman party favors. There are 24 unique toppers included in a bundle pack.

23. Pacman Holder

Pacman Holder

This classic PacMan lanyard is ideal to hold firmly your keys, IDs, etc.

24. Pacman Throw Pillow Cover

Pacman Throw Pillow Cover

Above, we recommended a complete Pacman Duvet set as a gift for your loved ones but if you’re running short of your budget, go with this square cushion cover. It’s linen made so you can expect good durability and long-run comfort.

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