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7 Great Quarantine Gifts For Mother’s Day & Her Birthday 2023

Quarantine Gifts On Mother’s Day & Her Birthday | It should not stop you to wish your mom a happy mother’s day when she has been quarantined because of COVID-19. Better to say it by gifting her something unique and thoughtful. Our below short gift list below includes a couple of amazing presents that she will really adore receiving. Let’s take a quick look at these quarantine gift ideas.

Quarantine Mother's Day Gifts

Best Quarantined Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Portable Muscle Massager

Portable Muscle Massager - Quarantine Gifts On Mother's Day

Excellent body massager to get relief from muscle pain. Backed by a quite powerful operation motor that’s enough good for deep tissue massage. The built-in rechargeable battery is an added advantage for long hours of use. It comes in two colors silver and red.

2. Dessert Chocolates

Dessert Chocolates - Quarantine Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Let’s celebrate your mom’s birthday by having these super delicious chocolates. Come nicely packed in an assortment of six different flavored chocolate truffles. Don’t worry about melting as they delivered these in a cold environment.

3. Women’s Memory Foam Slipper

Women Memory Foam Slipper - Quarantine Gifts On Mother's Day

Your mum is gonna feel better having these soft casual slippers on her feet. Made of cotton material so extremely durable and breathable. Its rubber outsole never slips down and is also water-resistant. Available in 4 beautiful color combinations and sizes ranging from 5-12.

4. Vitamin Tablets

Vitamin Tablets - Social Distancing Gifts On Mother's Day

The bottle with full of nature’s bounty of vitamin tablets like calcium, zinc, magnesium, etc. which are ideal to maintain her good immune system during the period of quarantine.

5. Mother’s Cutting Board Gift

Mother's Cutting Board Gift

Magnificent bamboo cutting board with an engraved lovely quote for mom surrounded by beautiful flower art which makes it a perfect gift on mother’s day from a son/daughter. It has dimensions of 9Wx12Lā€ and weighs about 0.7kg.

6. Soy Wax Candle

Soy Wax Candle - Quarantine Gifts On Mother's Day

If your mum is fond of fragrances, she will be delighted to accept this hilarious scented wax candle gift in a time of social distancing. It can burn for 35+hours straight.

7. Quarantine Mom Coffee Mug

Quarantine Mom Coffee Mug

A simply awesome coffee mug that has a great motivational imprint statement “Best Quarantine Mom Ever” on both sides. As it’s dishwasher/microwave safe so whether use it for hot beverages or keep it as a keepsake, it’s her choice.

More Quarantine Gift Ideas For Mom