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7 Quarantine Gifts To Send To Those Practicing Social Distancing

In this guide, we are going to show you the best quarantine gifts to send to your loved ones who have been locked down at home or practicing social distancing due to the pandemic COVID-19. Let’s have a quick look to pick the right one that makes you satisfied and fits perfectly on your budget.

Quarantine Gifts To Send

Best Quarantine Gifts To Send

1. Women’s Care Package

Womens Care Package

Send this gift basket to those who have a rough time in self-isolation. It includes a pair of soft cotton socks, a mini decoration plant, a handmade scented candle, and pure honey to boost the immune level. Each present will bring a little joy to them.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Continuously being in isolation might get you bored. Thanks to this Samsung tab that’s gonna provide you with a great company allowing you to play games, watch videos, read online books, and more. It has 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, and is backed by a powerful battery backup.

3. Hanging Curved Lounge Chair

Hanging Curved Lounge Chair - Quarantine Gifts To Send Her

Those who have a lawn at home will enjoy their quarantine time laying on this magnificent swing. It comes in orange/green/blue colors. The dimensions are measured by 73Lx46Wx78H inches and can handle weight up to 260 lbs comfortably.

4. Quarantine Coffee Mug

Quarantine Coffee Mug

it’s a quite funny mug featuring a hilarious quote “I am not rude, I am social distancing” which makes it a perfect quarantine gift to send to your mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, best friend, or anyone who is addicted to coffee.

5. Resistance Workout Bands Set

Resistance Workout Bands Set | Top Quarantine Gifts To Send To Him

To make the best use of quarantine time is to make you stay fit and healthy. This pack consists of multiple sizes of highly flexible but durable rubber bands for different indoor exercises and workout drills.

6. Kids’ Beginner Microscope

Kids Beginner Microscope

If your kid’s birthday coming during the lockdown because of the coronavirus, surprise her/him by gifting this awesome microscope STEM kit. It will provide awareness of viruses and bacteria to them while playing at the same time.

7. COVID-19 T-Shirt

COVID-19 T-Shirt

A cool t-shirt that has a humorous imprint statement “If you can read this, you are too close” so it’s a worth buying social distancing gift for the price. It’s constructed using premium cotton fabric therefore, extremely breathable and comfortable to wear. Sizes available are S-XXL.