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11 Best Soccer Team Gifts That Every Sport Lover Will Cherish

Buying soccer team gifts is a tough choice. You can buy them football kits or jerseys, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Whether you are buying for a coach or the manager of a team, there are several things you can buy for your recipient. Here are some fun and practical soccer-themed gift ideas for teams and other supporting staff members.

Best Soccer Team Gifts

1. Soccer Activity Tracker

Soccer Activity Tracker

An excellent smart device that you can gift to players of your favorite soccer team. It can measure a variety of factors including distance covered and sprint time. Its inertial measurement units can determine whether the player’s foot is on the ground or in the air, and the data can be used to measure distance covered and speed. The device also monitors the number of times a player touches the ball in the air. Moreover, it can also measure the time it takes for a player to run a stride and determine the length of time they’ve been running without the ball.

2. Soccer Drawstring Bags

Soccer Drawstring Bags

These are high-quality, 100% polyester drawstring bags for your soccer gear. Come in a pack of 8 pieces. Besides carrying sports equipment, they are also ideal for everyday use. In addition to being a quality soccer drawstring bag, these bags make great soccer tournament gifts.

3. Soccer Team Medals

Soccer Team Medals Gifts

The set, which contains twelve beautiful medals for every level of play, is an ideal present for children who play soccer or who are celebrating a special event. Each one has a gold medallion with a soccer ball and a soccer goal on top, as well as a red, white, and blue ribbon around the circumference.

4. Sports Water Bottles

Sports Water Bottles Soccer Team Gifts

These fashionable and high-quality drink bottles are ergonomically made to ensure that they are simple to hold and handle. As they are lead and BPA free so suitable for soccer players, coaches, and team members. For the lids, you may choose from a broad choice of colors.

5. Soccer Team Practice Vests

Soccer Team Practice Vests

If your team is training for an upcoming game, the mesh vests are a great choice. These lightweight, breathable jerseys feature a unique design that keeps your team cool and comfortable on the field. If you’re in the market for a soccer team practice vest, look no further than these all-season personal soccer practice vests!

6. Soccer Motivational Teams Dog Tag

Soccer Motivational Teams Dog Tag

These inspirational soccer dog tag necklaces come in wholesale packs of one dozen. They are unisex and come with a 20-inch adjustable metal chain that can be shortened to fit any size. Therefore, they are a great choice as a gift for any soccer enthusiast, from the little fan to the big leaguer, coaches, players, parents, and referees!

7. Colorful Soccer Socks

Colorful Soccer Socks Team Gifts

Premium cushioning and compression support make these soccer socks a perfect choice for the whole team. They are also made with a moisture-wicking Climalite knit, which pulls sweat away from the body. This means your feet won’t feel as hot as you’d like during game day, either. Because of a wide collection of vibrant colors, you can choose accordingly as per your favorite soccer team.

8. Squeezable Stress Soccer Balls

Squeezable Stress Soccer Balls

Whether you’re a soccer fanatic or not, squeezable stress soccer balls are an excellent promotional item. They’re fun and can help prevent concussions. These stress balls can be customized with your company’s logo or name to create a memorable marketing campaign. Whether you’re a university, college, or sports team, there are plenty of ways to give them away. Give them to fans in the stadium and colorful stress soccer balls to students after a championship game.

9. Stainless Steel Soccer Cup

Stainless steel soccer cup

If you’re buying a gift for a soccer team member, consider getting them a stainless steel cup to commemorate their achievement. A soccer team cup will be a conversation starter, so choose one that features the team’s logo. It’s also a practical gift that your recipient can use in their own home. Stainless steel is durable and won’t react to sweat, so it won’t fade over time. It’s also attractive, with a stylish gift box.

10. Soccer Typography Art

Soccer Typography Art

A Personalized soccer typography art gift idea is a beautiful wall hanging with a personalized soccer ball. Designed in the shape of a soccer ball with a net in the background, the art is personalized with any name or word. The letter sizes will vary depending on how many characters you choose, but the print size will remain consistent. If your gift recipient is an avid soccer fan, it will make the perfect end-of-season team gift.

11. Soccer Keychains Pack

Soccer Keychains Pack

These small sports balls are a novelty gift that will appeal to teens and adults alike. This cute little stocking stuffer collection is a must-have for every soccer fan! Each of these keychains features inspirational quotes and encouraging words. And they can be paired with other soccer themed party supplies, like cups, stickers, and other party favors.