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11 Best Table Tennis Gifts In 2021 | Top Ping Pong Gift Ideas

Table tennis (Ping Pong) is a fun indoor recreational sport that’s played by 2 or 4 players at a time. If you have loved ones who are enthusiast ping pong lovers, nothing could be the best thing other than a table tennis-themed gift to present them on a birthday or any other special day of their life. We are gonna show you here the top 11 table tennis gifts that you may hardly find on any other platform. Let’s have a quick look at these unique and personalized gift ideas for table tennis players, coaches, and fans.

Unique Table Tennis Gifts

Top Table Tennis Gifts

1. Table Tennis Game Set

Table Tennis Game Set

The best budget table tennis gift set to enjoy indoor time with siblings and friends. It includes a table, paddles, net, and 4 balls. Despite being lightweight, very sturdy and its minimal folding design makes it easy to set up anywhere and takes less space for storage. You have two color options to make a choice from red and blue.

2. Table Tennis Racket Keychain

Table Tennis Racket Keychain

Hilarious wood art craftsmanship with a vintage rusty metal finish makes this mini keychain a great personalized gift for table tennis lovers. Available in black and burgundy colors.

3. Ping Pong Paddle Set

Ping Pong Paddle Gift Set

To enjoy a solo or teamplay, give an opportunity by presenting this complete ping pong set to those who are into the table tennis sport. It includes a pair of black, a pair of orange-brown paddles, 4 white and 4 orange-colored ping pong balls. A special rubberized material is used in the construction of tennis rackets for extra bounce, durability, and long-term performance.

4. Floating Table Tennis Toy Gift

Floating Table Tennis Toy

Have some fun pool time with your partner playing a ping pong game in the water. This floating tennis set is made from EPS foam and ABS material so highly flexible, easy to set up, and store anywhere.

5. Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Balls

A huge bundle pack comprising of 24 table tennis balls that’s ideal during practice sessions or solo play. Professionally designed to meet international standards. So a wase gift idea for professional as well as recreational table tennis players.

6. Men’s Athletic Shorts

Men's Athletic Shorts

Stay more focused and comfortable to enjoy the true spirit of a table tennis game by wearing these soft and comfy shorts. Constructed using premium polyester that’s very breathable and moisture-wicking. Sizes range from S-3XL and are available in an immense variety of color textures.

7. Table Tennis Ball Picker

Table Tennis Ball Picker

They may often get frustrated when they have to pick the tennis balls again and again from under the table and so on. Change this headache into ease by gifting this tennis ball picker. It’s sturdy and features a unique detachable design for collecting hard-to-reach balls quite comfortably and then storing these in a large container.

8. Table Tennis Vinyl Clock

Vinyl Clock

This ping pong-themed wall clock is gonna add a more elegant look to your room or the area where you have table tennis set up. Definitely a wonderful birthday/anniversary gift for enthusiast players, coaches, and fans.

9. Socks For Men

Socks For Men

Unique socks featuring a funny ping pong theme design make this a perfect gift for the lovers of this recreational indoor activity. A blend of cotton (majorly), polyester, and spandex materials help achieve maximum comfort and sweat/odor-free feet.

10. Ping Pong Earrings

Ping Pong Earrings

Go ahead and grab a pair of these beautiful alloy drop earrings for the lovely lady in your life who is a professional ping pong player or coach. Come in a nice gift box.

11. Unisex Ping Pong Cap

Unisex Ping Pong Cap

Last but not least, this cool cap is gonna loved by the receiver who is obsessed with ping pong. It has an adjustable buckle closure mechanism so fits on all head sizes.

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