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6 Cute Toys That Start With C In 2023 | Best Letter C Toy Ideas

Parents who are looking for toys and treats for kids having the first letter C in their names must have a look at this short guide on toys that start with C. Each option is ideal to go as a birthday or just as a casual day present. Letter B Toys Recommendations

Toys That Start With C

Hilarious Toys That Start With C

1. Car For Kids

Car Toy For Kids

Beautiful push car gift for toddlers on their birthday. Ideal to carry along with you while going out shopping or on a long walk. There is a strap belt for a safe ride. The portable folding design allows you to store it safely anywhere. Available in pink and blue colors. It weighs 23kg.

2. Color Sorting Set

Color Sorting Set

Excellent toy set to help your kids develop the skills of color recognition and sorting habits. It includes a total of 30 pieces consisting of 25 different colored vegetables and 5 toy baskets. Suitable for age 2+.

3. Chemistry Stem Toy Set

Chemistry Stem Toy Set

if the children are keenly interested in building new random things, this mini science toy kit is perfect for them to learn about the basics of chemistry and physics while playing at the same time.

4. Corgi Dog Stuffed Toy

Corgi Dog Stuffed Toy

Damn a cute mini corgi dog plush toy that every kid will love to doodle with. It produces various funny sounds that make it more adorable.

5. Candy Construction Building Set

Candy Construction Building Set - Toys That Start With C

Great concept to nourish the kid’s motor and building skills at this minor age playing with these candy construction toys. Well made and pretty sturdy. A “how-to” instruction guide is included. Ideal for kids above age 3.

6. Chicken Toy

Chicken - Toys That Start With C

One of the most viral and famous toys is this squeaky chicken toy. Upon squeezing, it makes a very funny sound that the kid can’t live without laughing at. It comes in several attractive colors.

Other Toys Ideas That Begin With C