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7 Coolest Toys That Start With M In 2023 | Best Letter M Toy Ideas

There is massive stuff out there for kids in the form of toys that start with M that can bring joy and amusement to their lives. For example, matching toys, mermaids, magic toys, etc. In this brief guide, we have listed down 7 top gift ideas starting out with the letter M. If you have a child of age between 3-7, these letter M toys for sure will grab their attention to play with happily.

toys that start with M

Trendy Toys That Start With M

1. Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On

Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On - Toys that begin with M

This Mickey mouse plane cockpit has various beautiful sound and lighting effects that have separate buttons to control the functions. On pressing the key button, the plane starts up. Press other buttons to hear funny jokes from Mickey. There is a stop button to hear a brake sound. It has a soft foam made propeller that features a light that spins upon pressing the particular control. All in all, it’s a fantastic letter M toy for children ages 2 above.

2. Melissa & Doug Grill & Serve BBQ Set

Melissa & Doug Grill & Serve BBQ Set



Let the kids prepare a delicious meal for friends and siblings with this BBQ playset. It’s a huge set consisting of many fun BBQ-related dummies/toys such as hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, corn, toppings, and other sturdy equipment. This set provides an opportunity for the children to learn hand-eye harmonization, creative expression, and visionary play.

3. Moon In My Room

Moon In My Room - Toys that start with M

Hang this beautiful “Moon In My Room” with soft light and authentic detail lamp on your kid’s room’s wall that glows the same as the real moon! It features different light-up lunar phases with the touch of a button. Comes with remote control.

4. Molecular Model For Kids

Molecular Model For Kids

It’s a great approach to teach your kids about the basics of chemical formulas with this superb chemistry kit. Using this kit is a fun way to get a feel for molecular structure. The included insert has some practical examples to get you started. The build quality looks good too.

5. Microscope Kit

Microscope Kit

This microscope kit is definitely wondrous!  You can’t imagine the quality of the microscope for the price you get it for. Not only kids are gonna enjoy playing with it but you can also have some fun time having hands-on it. Believe us, you will not regret buying this dummy microscope. A great birthday present for youngsters 6-12 years old.

6. Melissa & Doug Weaving Loom

Melissa & Doug Weaving Loom - Toys that starting with M

Young children will be thrilled to get creating with this Multi-Craft Weaving Loom. With its easy-to-use adjustable frame, oversize wooden needle, and generous 91 yards of rainbow yarn, kids can choose to make a scarf, a tasseled coaster, a drawstring pouch, a crafty carry-all–or whatever they design themselves! Ideal for all skill levels. It also includes three picture tapestries to weave. Let’s inspire kids to create wearable, usable, and displayable art! Not only is weaving exciting and productive, but it also improves concentration and hand-eye coordination and promotes fine motor skills and creative expression.

7. Mango Plush Toy

Mango Plush Toy

One of the best and inexpensive letter M toys (Mango) for 2-5-year-old son/daughter. They are gonna love this plush and take it with them everywhere. Not only good for playing but also makes a nice pillow. It’s constructed very well so don’t afraid of tearing it off if they drag it all over the house. In short, it’s exactly what you want and better quality than you could have hoped for.

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