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21 Best Toys That Start With W In (August) 2023

Here you can discover a number of enjoyable toys that start with W, whether you want to craft something for your kid or just gift them a toy that begins with the letter W. These activities might vary from arts and crafts for children to activities using ABC stamps and hidden letters. There is a plaything suitable for each and every kid. Continue reading to find some fantastic letter W ideas for the next time your youngster plays a letter game.

Best Toys That Start With W

1. Walker Doll Stroller

Walker Doll Stroller Letter W Toy

This push doll walker stroller is a perfect gift that begins with the letter W for a 1-year-old baby. It is constructed of sturdy natural wood material and is equipped with a push handle that is simple to use. The cheerful patterns and colors are sure to be a hit with your little one.

2. Waffle Block Toy Set

Waffle Block Toy Set Starting With W

The perfect waffle blocks set that lets kids build big concepts. This vibrant, robust combination works indoors and outdoors. The blocks fit in all directions, allowing imaginative play. Waffle blocks are a terrific exercise for kids of all ages. Also, these are terrific letter W toys for creating a structure, railway, or bridge.

3. Writing Tablet

Writing Tablet Toy That Begin With W

This writing tablet is a great thing to buy if you want to give your child a unique educational gift that starts with the letter W. Equally ideal for toddlers, kids in preschool, and adults. There is a drawing pad, a place to write, and a graphic tablet. Your child can use the tablet to learn the alphabet, numbers, and more.

4. Wooden Grimms Building Blocks

Wooden Grimms Building Blocks

These building blocks are made of natural wood and have smooth corners and surfaces, making them a fantastic choice for kid’s play. They are very safe for children to use and won’t break apart when they play with them. This set has 20 blocks of different sizes and shapes that will last for a long time. They are fun ways to learn for hours.

5. Whale Stuffed Animal

Whale Stuffed Animal Toys That Begin With The Letter W

This realistic plush toy of a giant whale is crafted from premium polyester fabric.  Its big, welcoming eyes and innocent-looking face make it the perfect partner for cuddling up with. This orca would be an amazing addition to the bedroom of any toddler whose name begins with the letter W.

6. Walking Spring Toy

Walking Spring Toy That Starting With W

This walking spring is a classic childhood toy that is fun and educational. They have a diameter of 2 inches and are able to go up and down stairs. This well-known plaything is an excellent option for youngsters to take home as a memento from a party or as a birthday toy that starts with the letter W. Unlike the other kinds of spring toys, this one is risk-free and safe for the child’s safety.

7. World Map Educational Toy

World Map Educational Letter W Toy

A kid who wants to learn about the globe and geography would benefit greatly from playing with a toy that starts with the letter W and is an interactive world map. They will have an understanding of the connectivity of the continents and countries with the help of this alluring world map. It also helps them learn about the names and symbols that make up each continent. Children will find this toy highly entertaining and educational.

8. Wolf Plush Toy

Wolf Plush Toys That Start With W

Whether your child wants a friend from the Zoo or a companion to take along on long car rides, the wolf plush toy will be a great choice. This plush toy measures 12 inches and is crafted from long-lasting materials that are safe for toddlers to touch. Because it can be washed in a machine and dried on a flat surface, it is an ideal buy for children’s hands to cuddle with.

9. Water Blaster Squirt Guns

Water Blaster Squirt Guns Toys That Start With W

These kids’ water soakers are an efficient water shower in a small package. They have a pump mechanism that is simple to use and a good range of 35 feet for their blasting action. These blasters are offered at an affordable price and come in a variety of colors to choose from. Certainly a wonderful pick for toys that start with W for your children’s birthday gift.

10. Walkie-Talkie Set

Walkie-Talkie Set Letter W Toys

The Walkie-Talkies provide the ideal solution for parents who are looking for an entertaining approach to monitor the movements of their babies while also ensuring their safety. These kids walkie talkies are ideal for kids aged three to twelve. They have an ergonomic design and brilliant colors that will appeal to children.

11. Wooden Letters Practicing Board

Wooden Letters Practicing Board That Begins With The Letter W

Children who are just beginning their learning of the alphabet, particularly the letter “W,” will find this practice board made of wood an ideal tool. Because it has non-toxic paints and high-quality wood finishes, it is completely safe for your child to use while they are playing. Additionally, your child’s intellect will be stimulated and their language abilities will grow as a result of this activity.

12. Wheel Copilot Toy

Wheel Copilot Toys That Start With W

The steering wheel is a great backseat toy for kids to play driving games with. It has a smart touch panel, a light, and turn signals for both the left and the right. Additionally, it teaches toddlers about causality while helping them improve their motor abilities.

13. Letter W Crochet Pattern

Letter W Crochet Pattern Toy

This crochet design is a suitable toy for giving your children the letter “W,” which they may proudly display. Also, It’s a simple, cheap, and quick way for presenting someone you care about with a thoughtful gift.

14. Wash Activity Toy Kit

Wash Activity Toy Kit That Starts With W

When playing with this toy car wash set, children may unleash the full extent of their creative ability and employ their imaginations. In addition to a bucket, it also comes with a number of other helpful attachments, such as a brush, cleaning cloths, and mittens for the hands. We would highly recommend this toy set that starts with W for kids aged 3-7.

15. Wooden Kitchen Accessories Play Set

Wooden Kitchen Accessories Letter W Play Set

Beech wood is used in the construction of kitchen cookware for kids. The no-painting material makes this toy safe and durable for children. It includes a wide selection of different cooking utensils and accessories.

16. Watermelon Washable Plush

Watermelon Washable Plush Toy That Starting With W

This realistic watermelon play food is sure to please both adults and children. It’s the right size for little hands and will make pretend play a lot more fun. You can surprise your beloved son/daughter by gifting this splendid toy that has the initial letter W in its name.

17. Water Balloons

Water Balloons Toys That Start With W

These water balloons are the perfect party favor for kids and adults alike. They can be tossed and filled in a minute. When they are full, they close up like a clamshell and snap shut where the magnets meet, so preventing the water from leaking out until they have arrived at their destination.

18. Wearable Sensory Toy

Wearable Push Pop Bubble Sensory Toy That Starts With W

This amazing wearable sensory toy helps relieve stress and calm anxiety. It can be worn on the wrist and helps ease the symptoms of both conditions. These are easy to clean and can even be put in the dishwasher. For kids who have trouble controlling their anger, there is another cheap but fun toy that starts with the letter W.

19. Wildebeest Toy

Wildebeest Toy That Begin With W

The wildebeest toy is a true depiction of this animal that has been carefully hand-painted and sculpted. This is approximately 2.95 inches in height and 4.7 inches in length, making it an ideal toy for youngsters with little hands to play with. Also, this toy does not contain any BPA and is also non-toxic.

20. Whistle Necklace

Whistle Necklace Toys That Starts With W

A gigantic whistle necklace helps kids talk. This fun toy is made of brilliant, multicolored plastic and is suitable for 2-year-olds and above. Using a low-pitched whistle can help your child establish speaking muscles. It’s also easy to locate, making it appropriate for speech therapy.

21. Walnut Plush Toy

Walnut Plush Toy That Beginning With W

If you are looking for a cute, stuffed animal toy that starts with W, you can’t go wrong with a mini soft walnut plush. This adorable soft toy is ideal for a child’s room or playroom.

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