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10 Best Badminton Gifts, Toys, & Merchandise For Players & Fans (August) 2023

Like table tennis, badminton is also a fun sport. If you are looking for the best badminton gifts for players and those who just love this sport, you are in safe hands! In this guide, we are gonna present the 10 top gift ideas for badminton lovers.

Best Badminton Gifts

Unique Badminton Gifts

1. Badminton Set


Badminton Complete Set

Perfect badminton gift set for professional players as well as beginners. It includes everything (rackets, shuttlecocks, net, etc.) that a player needs to enjoy the game.

2. Men’s Badminton Shoe

Men Badminton Shoe

Get a pair of these amazing shoes to the badminton enthusiasts who almost every day play the game. Featuring an overall great design and construction. These have light mesh skin, padded foam midsole, and a durable rubber outsole.

3. Badminton Net Set

Badminton Net Set

Lightweight and foldable net to play badminton anywhere you want. Made from high-quality nylon material that’s weatherproof and tear-free. The steel poles are painted so do not become rusty for a long time. Easy to set up and connected with a bungee cord. It comes in a carrying case. Available in size variations.

4. LED Badminton Shuttlecocks

LED Badminton Shuttlecocks

Whether it’s day or nighttime, you will have the freedom of playing badminton in the presence of these cute glow-in-the-dark LED birdies. Each birdie has an average life span of lighting 40-45 hours. The lights can be easily switched on/off. 4 different colored shuttlecocks come in the set i.e. green/yellow/blue/red.

5. Badminton Racket Bag

Badminton Racket Bag

Keep your badminton racket safe and secure in this bag. Neither too bulky nor too small, it can accommodate 3-4 racquets, shoes, and other small gear at a time quite comfortably. Available in three nice colors black, blue, and red.

6. Women’s Badminton Hoodie Gift

Women's Badminton Hoodie Gift

Magnificent sweatshirt for your daughter, sister, mother, wife, girlfriend who are passionate badminton lovers. Crafted using 100% pure cotton fabric so very soft, cozy, and breathable. There are two big side pockets for making hands warm. Safe to hand/machine wash. Sizes range from S-2XL.

7. Men’s Shuttlecock Cufflinks

Men's Shuttlecock Cufflinks

Wanna gift something unique and personalized to your son, brother, dad, husband, or boyfriend who is into badminton? These shuttlecock cufflinks are the right choice to make. Pretty and durable built for a long time.

8. Kids Badminton Rackets

Kids Badminton Rackets

Surprise your kids by gifting this wonderful badminton set on their birthday or any other special day of their life. It’s a great source to keep the children away from TV and phones engaging them in healthy recreational activity.

9. Badminton Gold Medal

Gold Medal

This badminton medal has a classic vintage look that every badminton fan will love to have it. Cheap yet a wise stocking stuffer gift idea.

10. Book of Badminton Jokes

Book of Badminton Jokes

Crack some funny jokes when you in friend zone or with badminton mates.

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